Monday, April 7, 2014

House for Sale

Whelp, this is really happening.  Our house is being listed on the MLS tomorrow and will be shown all this week with open houses scheduled for both Saturday and Sunday this next weekend. We  have worked our tails off getting the house ready to sell and are pretty pleased with how it looks.  Paul did so much work these past couple of weeks finishing the bathroom remodels, painting and installing doors and crown molding, etc. and I have been spending all my spare time (and non-spare time when both girls were awake) cleaning, weeding and planting.  Thank goodness both girls are so good and I could set them up outside and they would play (or in Clara's case help me with planting/digging) while I worked and that Rose is going through a growth spurt and has been sleeping extra hours each day and chugging her formula during any awake time so I could get things done. 
Our house has now been COMPLETELY overhauled from when we bought it.  The ceilings, floors, walls, and basically everything in between (insulation, furnace, windows, appliances, electrical, lighting, etc.) has all been redone over the almost 4 years that we have been in here, largely by us, and we are pretty proud of our first home.  It will be hard to leave behind the place where we brought home both our baby girls.  I have posted about past remodels before (the yard in 2013, the kitchen in 2012, and the bedrooms in 2011) so I am only posting photos of Phase 4 of the house remodel which involved the exterior, which was just painted (we hired out) and the bathrooms (everything except the laminate floor was done by Paul).
Here are two before and after shots of the exterior of our home.

And here are before and after shots of the two bathrooms.  For selling purposes, we didn't remodel exactly the way we would have done if we were planning to stay here (we went with laminate instead of tile on the floor, we wanted to retile the tub/shower areas, etc.) but we think they turned out nice.  We went with much larger vanities than what was previously installed and it makes a huge difference in function.

And because I haven't posted a photo of it, here is a picture of Rose's nursery with the three watercolors I made for her of a mermaid, starfish and seahorse.  I am pretty  happy with how they turned out and have a few more ideas for her room but they probably won't happen until we are in our new place (not sure when that will be - the hunt really begins after we get this house under contract). 

Oh, and we FINALLY installed backsplash in the kitchen which we remodeled 2 years ago.  So lame that we waited to fully complete this project until just before moving, but oh well.  It is kind of a glass 2x6 tile with a shimmery silver/white painted back so it has a subtle sort of sheen to it.  We think it turned out pretty nice (but seriously, these kind of decisions are SO HARD).

So that's it!  The real estate agent was here this morning taking pictures for the listing and flyer and we have the for sale sign up out front.  Here's hoping we get lots of interest and it sells fast!


  1. It looks fantastic! Fingers crossed for a quick sale!

  2. It looks amazing! You guys did a great job. I'm sure it will sell quickly.

  3. Wow, it really is a completely different home than the one I remember peeking through the windows of four years ago. It's gorgeous! Best of luck to you guys with the sale. It was such a nerve wracking experience for us - even with the ideal buyer/offer - and I can imagine you guys will be feeling that in the coming weeks as well. I'm eager to hear how it all turns out!

  4. So impressed!! You guys did an incredible job!


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