Monday, February 28, 2011

House Remodel Phase 1 is coming along

This post is really for Paul's brother Dave.  Paul says that every time he talks to Dave, all Dave wants is to see photos of how the texture looks on the walls now that they have been painted.  And since this "finishing" stage of trimwork and baseboard are taking a little bit longer than I anticipated, I figured we would go ahead and post something now rather than wait for the final "reveal."  I have a feeling that these photos may look boring and repetitive since they are all just of blank walls.  Sorry about that. 

A little list of what we have done so far on the bedroom remodels:
  • moved everything out of the four bedrooms into the garage and/or living room
  • stripped the old trim and baseboard
  • installed new light fixtures
  • replaced all the windows
  • had insulation blown into all the exterior walls
  • installed new doors
  • textured all walls
  • sanded the texture
  • removed old carpets
  • painted walls
  • installed trim around windows, closets and doors
We tried to be smart and buy paint samples to put up on the walls before committing to a color, but that didn't work out so hot.  We totally repainted three rooms after a first coat.  The green was too vivid and as much as we wanted a green nursery, we went with a neutral color.  And although we both LOVED the gray colors in small quantities, once we painted an entire room gray, it just felt too cave-like.  So, we went with two different shades of a neutral khaki/brown color that we are very happy with. 

We really liked the darkest color, but it just didn't work in this room.

We tried the second green from the right in the middle of the far wall.  It was just too much.

Beige.  Much better.

I helped with the painting too - we just don't have photos of it.  I painted all of the corners and edges of the rooms.

Oh, and did I mention that we had our fence redone?  I haven't taken very good photos of it, but you can see what it looks like through these window shots.  Before:
That palm frond hanging off our neighbors house came from our tree.  We have had a couple of those fronds fall on our house and they freak us out every time.  It sounds like somebody fell from a plane onto our house!

The fence is now a couple feet taller which provides much more privacy.  And it is not falling down.
 Paul has done a great job on all of the trimwork.  He would call Dave to get instructions on what to do, then go do it.  I am super impressed.

Yucky nasty old sills.

Nice lines, eh?  Dave, do not say anything mean if these are not 100% perfect.

The master bedroom.  Door to hall, door to bathroom, and closet - all trimmed out and ready for baseboard.

Paul is currently finishing up the baseboards, then we will be patching nail holes in the trim, caulking the trim, taping around all trim, and finally painting the trim.  Then carpet goes in.  We are hoping to be done within the next 2-3 weeks so that we can have everything moved back in by the end of March. 

I have been a slave-driver and have been making him work every night, so these photos were taken tonight and the lighting isn't so great, but you can see the texture on the walls a little bit better I think.

My dad doesn't read this blog, but Mom, you can tell him that I posted a picture of the air compressor and nail guns that you guys got Paul for Christmas.  He is obviously making good use of these tools.


More texturing.

I think I tell Paul at least once a day that if he cuts off his fingers I am not going to find the little nubs and take him to the hospital so he better be careful with these power saws.

This picture is to show some of the baseboard that Paul already has up in the nursery.

Another shot of the nursery closet.

Sleeping in our living room hasn't been so bad.  It has meant having the TV in our bedroom for the first time in our marriage, which Paul enjoys although I prefer not having a TV in the same room where I sleep.  I have enjoyed having a fireplace in our bedroom.  Not for the bow-chicka-wow-wow factor, but just because I'm something of a pyromaniac. 
Blech.  We are still living with dust only this is from all the sawing outside that gets tracked in.  I want my bedroom back.
And finally, one of me pretending I am cool by making a peace sign:

That's it!


  1. It's looking so nice. I'm excited to come visit and see you guys and the house.

  2. Wow, everything looks great! I am really impressed with all of the work you guys have put in so far. Can't wait to see the final "reveal!"

  3. Does your temporary bedroom / living situation remind you of last summer? :)

    Your house looks GREAT!!! That's a-mazing.


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