Sunday, May 17, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

Paul and the girls gave me such a great mother's day this year.  On Saturday morning Paul took the girls to Orchard Supply to do a mother' day craft (painting pots and planting flowers) while I got a mani-pedi and got my brows waxed at the mall.  Then later that day we went out to dinner.  On Sunday the girls wore the new dresses that I made for them and we played croquet in the backyard with the croquet set that Paul and the girls gave me.  And then Paul made ribs, scallops, and green beans for dinner.  It was such a lovely weekend and I felt very special.
These are just a few pictures that I already posted on instagram, but I thought I would include them here too.  I have done quite a bit of sewing between quilts, crafts, and Halloween costumes, but I have never actually made regular clothes.  I got the urge to change that a few weeks back when I saw the cutest dress pattern for the girls.  Then I happened to go to Joann's the day that their patterns were all on sale for $1 and I picked up a couple of different patterns for myself.  I'm very happy with how the girls' dresses turned out despite some mistakes and imperfections.  Somehow either my measurements (most likely) or the pattern was off on my dress so I made it way bigger than I needed.  I tried taking it in but could only fix it so much.  It looks so-so but really I would kind of like to try again with different fabric and make some changes for a better result.  But all-in-all I'm pretty proud of how all three dresses turned out.

Rose fell asleep in Paul's arms in the foyer of the church during Sunday School.  This is how I found them after I finished teaching.

That is butter being grated onto the ribs.  Then they get drizzled in honey and brown sugar, wrapped in foil and set back in the smoker to finish.  They are beyond amazing.  Insanely bad for you, but SOOOOO good.

And just for fun, here is a comparison picture from last year with the girls.  Rose was so tiny!  I miss the look of the bangs but man I just cannot handle maintaining them. 

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