Friday, July 17, 2015

4th of July and the rest of the holiday

I'm going to jump around a little bit but I wanted to start this post catching up on the rest of our 4th of July holiday in Utah by sharing these pictures we took of the seven Casebolt Granddaughters (all girls!) a few days after Independence Day when we were at my parents' house.  It was tricky getting a good picture of all the girls together but they looked so darling in their patriotic attire and were all such good sports, even the 3-month old twins Kaitlyn and Brigitte (I can't tell which is which from these photos - Jennie will have to comment and let me know so I can update the post).  From left to right (Lily - 3, Rose - 17 months, Brigitte? - 3 months, Emma - 5 1/2, Adelaide - 2, Kaitlyn? - 3 months, and Clara - 4).  Also photobombing in the back right corner of the photo is Grandpa Russ who I cropped out as best I could, lol.

Best I could get of Clara and Rose together.  This was toward the end of the photoshoot and they were both ready to be done I think.  But these are my favorite 4th of July outfits ever.

Grandpa & Grandma's garden was the perfect setting for our little Rose who is growing so fast.

Clara really hammed it up and gave me pose after pose after pose when I was taking her pictures.

We also took a family picture at Paul's parents' house on their lawn on the actual 4th of July.  Everybody was there except Paul's older brother Bobby.

On the morning of the 4th we drove to Midway to go swimming at the Zermatt resort.  The girls absolutely LOVE swimming and had such a great time.  The girls loved jumping into the pool and being thrown back and forth between me and Paul.

Clara has the most epic jumping technique.  Dave's wife, Deborah, took all of these photos and sent them to me afterwards and I love having them.


I brought a plastic container filled with plastic balls from a ball pit at Bob & Donna's house to play a game we do at Rose's swimming lessons each week where you invert the container over the water and push it down, trapping the air and balls inside, then quickly flip it over underwater so the balls burble up and pop out every which way.  Then we "swim" the girls around to collect the balls and put them back in the container.  It was a huge hit, not just with our girls but all the other kids at the pool who ended up asking to play with a few balls and sharing with us.

At one point we attempted to toss the girls at the same time.  Our aim and timing were a little off but the girls both came up laughing despite Clara's crashdown in the pictures below.

At my parents' house, my mom took the girls downstairs and pulled out some of her teaching materials to entertain the girls with songs about the letters of the alphabet.

Rose and Adelaide became best frenemies.  They would chase each other around and around laughing and squealing and having the best time all morning and then in the afternoon they would be fighting over something or another.  But mostly it was love between them.

Clara adored the twins and liked to get down close to them and sing them songs.

We went to the Ogden Treehouse Museum with the girls and had a great time.  There were so many fun and interesting exhibits to explore and we didn't even see all of it.  We easily could have spent a lot more time there except for the little gals needing naps.

I took this picture of Clara pretending to sleep under an animal skin in a yurt in the Mongolia section.

The kids could actually "milk" this cow.  It had water that came out of the udders into a bucket below.

Rose had a meeting with President Lily in the Oval Office.

And Clara spent the afternoon signing executive orders.

But what the girls really and truly loved was working in the nursery taking care of the newborns.

Clara helped Grandpa Russ shell peas from the pods.  She ate at least as many as she put in the bowl.

One afternoon my mom and Jennie went shopping and took the twins so I just had the five older girls.  I pulled out the plastic swimming pool and the girls had fun playing in the water.

And sunning themselves on the patio until it got really overcast and started to sprinkle.

It was Farmington Days the weekend after the 4th of July so we went to the parade   It was fun and the girls had some true Utah experiences.

Like seeing missionaries riding a tandem bicycle in the parade.

And watching a handcart and pioneers.

And eating Fat Boys that were tossed out to the crowd (so much better than the saltwater taffy which was 90% of the candy that was thrown).

And watching a high school marching band perform.

Uncle Ryan helped Clara collect candy.  She made a huge haul.

Unfortunately our visit ended with a trip to Urgent Care for Rose when she woke up from her Sunday nap with a terrible fever that reached 104.5.  She had to have a catheter to check for a UTI but ultimately the results were negative so it must have just been some weird viral thing.  She was pretty miserable for a day but did much better the next morning on our drive home.


  1. This looks like such a fun trip! The girls must have been in heaven with all of those cousins to play with.

    I am laying in bed reading and Charlie is asleep but I totally busted up laughing out loud as I scrolled down to the photo where Clara is about to hit the water in your attempted double toss. SO hilarious!

    And I need to respond to your email.

  2. It looks like the rest of your trip was really fun (except for when Rose got sick). It's funny how the Casebolt side has all girl cousins, and the Nash side has mostly boys. Strange how that worked out. Love all the photos of the girls in their patriotic clothes, so cute!


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