Friday, July 3, 2015

Provo Hot Air Balloon Festival

Years ago, when Paul and I were newly married and living in Provo during the summers instead of doing law school internships, we attended the Provo hot air balloon festival that is held early in the A.M. July 2-4.  But it has been ages since those days and we have never taken the girls.  We were glad that Dave & Deborah and the boys decided to come with us too. 
We got there a little bit later than I had hoped we would and all of the balloons were already half filled or more, but we still got to see a handful of them finish firing off and we watched most of them take off.  Our girls were not loving the loud and hot blasts of propane used to heat the air in the balloon but despite some worried faces and covering ears or eyes, they handled it all pretty well, especially after the balloons had lifted off and the field cleared for the target competition.  Rose particularly enjoyed watching as balloons would catch a favorable wind and swing low over the field so that they could drop a marker over a big orange "X" target to score points.  She would clap along with the crowd and point and jabber.

We ate a little picnic breakfast of bananas and yogurt and strawberries while watching the balloons float around.

Clara and Rose had fun with Colton and Graham and afterwards we went to BYU campus and walked around for a little while.  We came across a family of ducks and Paul picked up one of the ducklings to show the kids.  Graham and Rose chased each other around the Tree of Life installation.  And we all went wading in the water fountain in the courtyard at the Joseph Fielding Smith Building. 

Paul also took over the camera and coached Clara into making "fierce" faces for him. 

It was the perfect kickstart to our 4th of July weekend.

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  1. SO glad you thought of this, and that we tagged along. It was maybe my favorite part of this trip, or at least top five. So much fun!


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