Sunday, December 27, 2015

Thailand & Cambodia Leftovers from the iPhone

Okay, so these are all going to be inserted into their appropriate blog post but I realized I forgot to upload and include most of the photos I took with my iphone.  For anybody who cares to look at them (I'm guessing our moms, Deborah, and Jennie), here they are together so you don't have to go back through the previous blog posts I did on our trip.  

On the plane flight to Thailand:


Taxi selfie with Clara dealing with jetlag and Rose wide awake.  They loved not having to ride in carseats.  I hated it, not because it felt unsafe (which it did) but because they climbed all over the place the whole time and restraining them felt nearly impossible.

Eating an ice cream sundae at Swensens.  It's an ice cream place that is originally from San Francisco and Paul grew up on it.  They have since closed all their locations except the original tiny one in the city, but apparently it is big in Thailand and we found them in a couple of different places where we randomly stumbled upon them.  This one was in the mall right by our hotel in Bangkok.  We went there to exchange money at the bank and pick up a curling iron for me that had the proper electrical wiring rather than bring my good one from home and fry the circuits on it with a faulty adapter (has happened more than once in past travels).

At reception in Cambodia.  The resort put these pretty cloth scarf things around our necks, like leis in Hawaii except made from Cambodian textiles.

This is a photo we posted on instagram from Ta Prohm - one of the ruins in the Angkor Wat area.

There were geckos everywhere at the resort and we kept seeing them in the evening hanging out on these light fixtures so during the day time Rose had to stop at every one to see if the geckos were hiding in there.

Having fun at Don Mueng Airport waiting for a plane.

 I did take a picture of the bed in our villa in Chiang Mai!  You can barely see Rose asleep taking her nap.

And one the way to see the elephants Rose got a little sleepy and laid her head in Clara's lap.  It was so sweet.

My view for at least part of the time while we were riding the elephants.

And a view looking down at Rose's little legs dangling off our elephant's head while we plodded through the jungle.

Snack time between riding and washing elephants.

This is the rice snack that I have got to figure out how to make.

Some images from cooking class.

We got to fly first class on one of our flights and it was wonderful.  Why can't I fly like that all the time?!


Thanksgiving dinner.  The mango sticky rice was amazing.

The girls and their Orange Fanta obsession.  Clara's face in the second photo when she was worried that Rose was going to drink all of the Fanta they were supposed to be sharing.

I made a ton of food in my second cooking class.  The resort ended up just sending it to our room so that Paul and I could eat it together while the girls were still napping.

I wish that the cooking class had included a lesson in how to make this mango sticky rice because it was THE BEST.  Seriously, so, so good.

Enjoying a movie  while eating room service for dinner.

Checking out from our last hotel.

And riding the trolley at the airport while waiting to check in to fly home.


  1. Great pictures! What a wonderful experience for ALL of you!

  2. Such an amazing trip! I'm so glad you were able to go and the girls did so well. So many incredible photos and experiences.

  3. Oh man, I feel bad I didn't make it onto the list of people who would be interested in seeing your additional photos. Probably because I am so lousy about commenting! But I seriously LOVED all of your posts about this trip. I've got a thing for vicarious travel, as you know. I actually thought this post was one of the best because I love the candidness of the iPhone photos that capture more of the "in the moment" feeling. That hotel bed is amazing and I wish I could see some close ups of those fish pedicures. That whole experience is eerily intriguing to me.

  4. Loved all of the pictures from all of the post. What an amazing trip, I can't believe you did it with two young children! You're awesome Amy! My favorite picture from this post is the selfie of all of you on the beach. So cute. Love,

    Shauna xo


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