Sunday, December 7, 2008

'Tis The Season!

With Thanksgiving behind us and December underway, Amy and I are so excited for the Christmas season to finally be here! I am one of those people who won't listen to Christmas music or break out the decorations until AFTER Thanksgiving is past, even though lots of stores around here have had Christmas items on sale since Halloween. Sadly, this year Amy and I are not putting up a Christmas tree since we don't have room in our apartment and all our ornaments are stored in a closet at Amy's parents' house.

One of the best parts of this season, in my opinion, is how everyone gets together with their family and friends to enjoy one another's company. Today we went to my parents' house in Alpine and got to spend time with my brothers, sister-in-law, parents and grandmother.

Their tree is beautiful and my mom put festive decorations all over the house.

Even Bosco had his Christmas bells collar on!

My mom set a beautiful dinner table and prepared a wonderful meal for us all to enjoy together.

After dinner, we had fun sitting around a roaring fire and playing card games while Christmas music played in the background.

Even though its only the 7th of December, today was a great beginning to the Christmas season. I look forward to many more family gatherings, tasty food, and other wonderful Christmas traditions. I hope you all have a very merry Christmas season this year!


  1. Great pictures Paul. The house looks amazing! You will have to tell your parents and grandma hi for us next time you get together.

    Great pics - taken with your new camera?

  3. Holy Frickin Cow- no WONDER Donna and Bob moved to Utah. Tell your mom that her house is beautiful.

    Can you send me your address and your parents address? bethanysebra at gmail dot com.

  4. Ok - funny thing - shocker - I was going to write the exact same thing as Christy. So I'm gonna do it anyways.


    Happy Holidays you two. Love to you both!


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