Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas at the movies

There are so many great Christmas movies to watch this time of year. I still swoon every time Bing Crosby croons a ballad or Danny Kaye dances in White Christmas, even though Paul makes fun of the "Snow, Snow, Snow" song and always says Rosemary Clooney looks like a man. Jimmy Stewart's promise in It's a Wonderful Life to lasso the moon for Donna Reed if she wants it is quite possibly one of the most romantic gestures I have ever heard of. I get teary-eyed everytime the old man with the snow shovel embraces his estranged family at the end of Home Alone. And I find myself quoting Elf pretty much year-round because it is so over-the-top hilarious.

But last night, Paul made me watch a totally different kind of Christmas movie. I had no idea that Gremlins was a Christmas movie. Have you seen it? It was absolutely awful. Quite possibly the worst Christmas movie ever, although Die Hard takes a close second in my book.

But the completely ridiculous part of it all was that those freaky little monsters actually scared me. Its completely moronic to be scared of claymation beasties running amuck on an unassuming small town the night before Christmas, but I was truly disturbed. I like scary movies that are intense thrillers, but throw in a deranged creature with pointy teeth and a tendency to use claws to draw blood and I end up with nightmares. And to top it all off, there was the absolutely frightful acting. That is two hours of my life that I will never get back. Shudder.


  1. I'd rather 'lose' 2 hours from sitting through Gremlins than 7 hours of horrible English accents, lame plots revolving around whether or not you and your 5 incredibly annoying sisters will be invited to the local pretty-boy's ball, and incessant whining about how unfair it is that so-and-so's sister hates me and my sister because she likes the guy who likes me and so she made her brother move away to the city and now I can't go over to their 'estate' to take walks around the library reading books while so-and-so's sister glares at me from across the room because she thinks reading is not for 'ladies'...and then to top it off the supposedly 'beautiful' main character and her sister are perhaps the most unattractive actresses to grace the (public broadcasting television) screen since the she-man in White Christmas...

  2. Amy, I totally agree. Britnae gave that movie to Ryan last year for Christmas and I had no idea it would be so evil. I definitely did not expect such a scary movie. And Paul, a little harsh, don't you think? I doubt Amy will ask you to sit through a 7 hour movie with "lame plots," and if she has, she won't do it again. As for white Christmas, it's not like it's a bad movie, and you don't have to watch it all that much.

  3. Gremlins? Honestly, Paul. "White Christmas" is a classic. I watched it as a kid every Christmas for years. I haven't managed to get Stephan to watch it yet. I found a VHS copy of it this summer at a used book store and have been saving it for Christmas to make Stephan watch it with me, but alas, our VCR just broke last week. I shouldn't have waited, now Stephan gets his way.

  4. Ok, I have a confession. I actually do like White Christmas...

    ...snow, snow, snow, snow, SNOW!!!!

    ...we'll wash our hair with snow....chookichook chookichook chookichook chookichook...

  5. My brother Brian used to LOVE Gremlins when he was a kid. He went through this phase where he was totally obsessed with it and watched it nearly everyday. Hence, I watched a lot of Gremlins too and I always hated it! White Christmas is a much better option.

  6. We watch Love Actually every Christmas. One of our favorite movies, period, but so as not to overdo it we try to only watch it at Christmastime.

    Gremlins, though. Wow. That's some old-school B-movie action right there.


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