Saturday, June 6, 2009

Dwelling Place

The title of this post is part of the legal definition for burglary. Studying for the bar is surprisingly not as horrible as we anticipated. Its not fun as in capital "F" fun or even fun-fun, but in a disturbingly socially inept way that hearkens back to the years of nerdiness that was my childhood, I find that I still enjoy taking and scoring practice tests and trying to beat my best scores.

I hope we're still friends.

Anyway, the reason I am thinking about dwelling places is because the House of Nash is wishing we had a house. Apartment dwelling is fine and all, but gee it would be nice to have a place to call our own. Somewhere with walls we could paint in beautiful shades of yellow and green and blue. A place with a little yard and more than one bathroom and a laundry room that is not also part of the kitchen would be divine. And no neighbors who leave their kids' poopy diapers wrapped up in garbage bags set out in a shared staircase. Disgusting.

Am I the only one who thinks that it seems like everybody in the world is house-hunting these days? Can't say as I blame them what with the really great interest rates, housing deals, government assistance, and tax incentives that are available.

Plus, I think (and since we haven't experienced the stress of trying to actually buy a house I don't know this for sure) that it would be fun to go looking for a place to call our own. Imagining what it would be like to barbeque on a back porch, to walk to the mailbox, to sleep in a bedroom or pull into a garage. You know, a House of Nash for the House of Nash. (Before anybody rolls their eyes, please don't think that I am ever going to be printing that on vinyl and sticking it on our walls or anything. That's not really my style.)

Every now and then Paul & I get on the internet and look at homes that are available in the Bay Area and dream about the day when homeownership will be a reality for us. But you know, sometimes it is nice just to dream and scheme and plan, and for now I am going to enjoy that part of the road to homeownership. Because like Christmas, sometimes the anticipation is a huge part of the experience - sometimes it is even more enjoyable than Christmas itself (at least for some people).

And the searching, purchasing, and being poor and responsible aspects of homeownership will all come in good time.


  1. You forgot to mention imagining a guest bedroom for me to come stay in! It's okay though, I'm sure you meant to.

  2. Just let me know when you are ready! I'll help you :)

  3. You are a nerd.
    I hated apartment living. When we rented a house, though, it was technically a duplex, and our neighbors had smelly cats, and would empty the litter box just outside out shared stairway door. The smelly diapers is worse, though, I think.
    House hunting is fun, and yes, everyone's doing it, so you should give in and do it too.

  4. What's not fun about house hunting is only being able to afford a duplex. Duplex hunting somehow has a way of squashing all your dreams, especially when you already have two kids and have outgrown all the yard-less duplexes you're looking at.

    Not to be a pessimist, but like every one else apparently, we too are house hunting, or rather duplex hunting and it's been the most discouraging thing for us. I suppose two incomes might help, though. Good luck when you guys start the search!


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