Wednesday, June 17, 2009

How's my driving?

A couple of weeks ago Paul was watching "The Simpsons" (why? I have no idea). I walked into the room and got sucked into the stupidity (I am even more clueless as to how this happened - I blame it on already being braindead from studying for the bar all day). The Simpson family was at a restaurant for dinner and Bart grabbed one of those comment cards where the restaurant invites you provide feedback on service, quality, price, etc., marking every box as "poor". It made me think about how when I was younger I used to fill in those comment cards all the time, but I would only mark "excellent" for every category.

Anyway, and along related lines, today while we were driving home from the law school, a service truck driving just in front of us swerved suddenly and cut off another car, almost causing an accident in fairly heavy traffic. Paul immediately pulled his cell phone out of his pocket, told me he was going to call and "comment", and started dialing the number on the back of the truck underneath a sticker that said "How's my driving?" next to the vehicle number.

I thought he was joking until it became obvious that he had the trucking company on the line. When he said into the phone, "I'm calling to report that one of your drivers just cut somebody off really bad," I just about burst out laughing. Despite my protestations, he wouldn't hang up the phone and finished the call, "reporting" on the bad driver.

Tattling is more like it. I mean, really, the sticker should just read, "Please tattle." Because nobody calls to say, "Hi Trucking Company, I just wanted to let you know that Driver #6 is doing a great job using his blinker to signal." Right?

While Paul was talking to the trucking company, I was talking in his ear telling him that he was going to get the poor driver fired. He must have agreed because just before ending the conversation, Paul said to the woman taking the complaint, "Hey, don't be too hard on the driver." When he hung up the phone, I asked what the response to his last comment was. He said that the woman just laughed.

So, to all you drivers out there who flagrantly disobey traffic laws while sporting "How's my driving" bumper stickers - watch out! Paul's watching and he's not afraid to report you...


  1. I love it! Way to keep people in line Paul.

  2. LOL!! Only Nashty would actually call!

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