Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New Digs

Paul and I just got back from Peru on Sunday and started apartment hunting on Monday. Prices are a lot higher in the Bay Area than what we have had to pay in Utah, but we were lucky enough to find something within the price range we had set for ourselves in a really great location. We are renting an apartment in Campbell just a block from the cute historic downtown area with boutiques, cafes, and farmers' markets. Our place has two bedrooms and two bathrooms, and even though it isn't fancy (no granite or cherry wood, etc.), it is really cute and spacious. We will have to take some photos once we move in and post them. So if anybody wants to come visit, we're gonna have a guest bedroom ready and waiting come December ...

And just as a side story - Before we left for Peru, we went to Paul's 10 year high school reunion. I spent the night before leaving Utah in a panic over what to wear, tearing through my closet and trying on something like 15 outfits after learning that both Paul and my mother didn't like one of my favorite skirts that I wear all the time and had planned on wearing to the reunion. Why I even freaked out about this, I am not sure. It wasn't my reunion after all and I didn't know hardly any of the people there. But for some reason, it seemed important. After making Paul call our friend Nikki to find out what she was wearing, what her husband was wearing, what their friends were wearing (thanks Nikki, you're a lifesaver), I settled on a blue silk blouse and dark skinny jeans with my goldenrod patent leather flats. On the night of the reunion, the outfit was perfect - for about five minutes until I ate a celery stick and somehow dribbled ranch down the front despite my extreme care. Paul was standing across the room chatting with somebody and as I looked up in mortification after noticing the spill to see if anybody else had seen, I caught him laughing at me and shaking his head, as if to say "only you, Amy, only you." But, since I was pretty sure nobody else had seen, I just covered the spot with my "Hello, my name is Amy" tag and spent the rest of the night in shame avoiding any foods incapable of being brushed off.


  1. Yay! I'm glad you found a place. I want to see Peru pictures.

  2. Happy I could help!!! I'm super duper excited that you guys are going to live a mile away!!!

    So funny about the spot on your shirt! I had NO idea!!

  3. Wait, you're moving to Campbell? I am certainly not a mile away, but I am close! (East Palo Alto) Do we get to play?

  4. I'll come visit!!! =) Can't wait to see your pics from Peru!

  5. Your place sounds like our place. We're in a cute little historic downtown area of our little city. We walk to the farmer's market most Saturdays just a few blocks away. We eat loquats from the trees in our "front yard." We have the original blue tiles in our kitchen from the fifties and charming pink rose tile in our bathroom, but it's so cute.

    When do you move out here for real? Let's meet up sometime.


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