Thursday, September 9, 2010

Spam Attack and Stolen IP

Today at work my inbox was flooded with over 300 spam messages in under 20 minutes. Turns out the emails were based on a virus that hit every computer in my firm and a whole bunch of other companies across the country. It was kind of exciting - like a cyber earthquake or something.

Also, I learned today that one of my outlines from law school (the one I created for Criminal Law) somehow ended up in the hands of the folks who operate the website and is available for purchase on the internet. I have never before minded sharing my law school outlines and have doled them out to pretty much anybody who asked for them (even when I was still in law school - I'm cool like that), but learning that somebody was trying to make money off of my intellectual property gave me pause. I feel so ... used. But then I decided that I don't really care - it is just a law school outline after all and I highly doubt outlinedepot is going to make any money off of it. Is that lazy of me?

In other technological news, my computer no longer functions for longer than 3 minutes without being plugged in to its power source. The poor thing is a dinosaur anyway and I should just break down and buy a new one, but there are so many other things I would rather do with a thousand or two bucks: go on a cruise (Paul says no but I say let's go!), start our bathroom remodel, pay extra on some debt that is almost retired, buy new shoes, etc. I guess I can always share with Paul. How much do married couples really need two laptops anyway? (That is a rhetorical question. The answer is that both Paul and I are totally addicted to the internets and might begin to experience marital discord in the extreme if we were forced to share computers for more than half an hour).

Oh technology, where would I be without you?

Other HoN happenings include deciding on our constitutional last night that our neighborhood is spooky after dark - it was only 8:30 and all the lights were off in most of the houses on the street because there are apparently a lot of seniors who bought these houses way back in the day when they were built (1958) and they still live there and go to bed early. Exterior lighting exists on some houses but not others, so there are dark stretches that feel haunted, especially with a brisk autumn breeze blowing.


  1. Dude, I got my laptop from Costco for 450 bucks. It's awesome. Of course, I don't use any fancy programs - just movies, internet, and word processing. It's an Acer. My dad recommended the brand after he told me that, in choosing his new laptop, he walked into best buy and asked for the cheapest laptop they had that would play movies. His Acer has held up just as well and even better than all the name brand laptops he's gone through.

    And that's lame about the outline, but cool that you're lot letting it bother you.

  2. Very lame about the outline. I'd be mad. I hope whoever sold it failed law school even with your probably awesome work. Bravo for taking the high ground.

  3. Sharing a laptop is just not an option in our house either. And wow you must be so smart for them to use your outline. I would take it as a compliment.


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