Sunday, September 19, 2010

Weekend Photo Round-up

We have had a laid-back, enjoyable weekend being homebodies and working on projects.  (If our house posts get boring, we're sorry - it is kind of an all-consuming thing).  Paul demolished the 20+ year-old nasty hot tub in the back corner of our yard.  We are planning on having a tree person come take out the palm tree too (it is one of those tall, skinny palms that is getting too old and looking really scraggly).  Hopefully next summer this will be our garden spot. 

This is what the yard looks like with the hot tub removed.

It's not too early to start decorating for Halloween yet, right?  It is my favorite holiday after all. 

While wandering around the local craft store, Paul and I found these awesome skulls, pumpkins and ribbon on sale, so I decided to make a wreath.  I can sew and bake and am generally competent when it comes to domestic things, but I am not the craftiest person ever.  But overall I'm pretty happy with how the wreath turned out.  I was going for more creepy/scary than cute. 

These glittery purple spiders are the perfect finishing touch.

Here is a photo of the overall result of our decorating.  It is not a whole lot, but we figure there will be more stuff on sale after the holiday and we'll pick up some more things then for next year.

And just for fun, here are a few photos of our main living space now that we have moved in our furniture and hung some of Paul's photography on the walls.  Also, you can really get a feel for what the kitchen is going to look like after the full remodel now that we have torn out the wall that used to divide the kitchen from the living room.  (Paul is reading Mockingjay on the couch for our next book club meeting).  We also still need to find a nice rug to put down in the living room.

Our jimmy-rigged island until we do a full kitchen remodel next year:

Other fun things that happened this weekend included holding a heartbreakingly adorable newborn named Maxwell, eating sushi, orderling light fixtures online, making pumpkin chocolate chip bread for the first time of the season, and driving a load of torn-up hot tub trash to the garbage dump. 

It has been a wonderful weekend, but tomorrow it is back to the grind.


  1. Your house looks adorable! And I love the Halloween decorations. The kitchen wall 1/2 torn down was a good call! I can't wait to see your casa!

  2. It's already coming together so nicely. I love, love, love the Halloween decorations.

  3. That is funny you guys destroyed the hot tub. Of course that does make it a lot easier to move. Your house is looking so great! I love how open it looks with that wall taken down.

  4. "me" - I love your comments. But who are you?

  5. It's Catherine. From the mission.


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