Saturday, October 30, 2010

Warrior Dash

A while back our friends invited us to run the Warrior Dash with them.  It is a 5k with a bunch of obstacles along the way.  We climbed over cars and haybales, scaled cargo nets, crawled through a tunnel, went down a soapy slip-n'-slide, jumped over fire, and slogged through mud.  It was a perfect way to spend a Saturday. 

Here is Paul pre-race staring down the fire and the mud.

Jason (the Ironman), Ben (in the warrior hat) and Jeff running down the final stretch.  Paul stayed with me so we came in a little later.

Paul about to leap over the final set of flames with me hot on his tail.

Graceful, I know.  I look huge in this photo, but I'm going to say it is just because my shirt was waterlogged and flapping around.  I'm loving Paul's huge smile.

See Paul run.  Run, Paul, run.

 Amy crawling through the mud.  It was COLD.


Paul doesn't look so comfortable walking around post-race.

Lots of people dressed in costume.  I wish we had.  Here are the ghostbusters.

After going through the Warrior Wash (a fire hose).

This penguin team was hilarious.

A tiny warrior.

Not so tiny warriors.

Eating a warrior meal - Turkey legs and pulled pork sandwiches.

After we finished the race, we went home and cleaned up, then headed over to the ward Trunk-or-Treat.  There was an old woman from Germany there and she came over and said how much she loved our costumes and talked with us for a long time.  It was really cute.

Our friend Ginny with her baby Max.

One of the kids from our Primary class.  His whole family dressed as Alice In Wonderland characters.

The little kids were adorable in their costumes.  I had so much fun passing out candy.  

Somebody was giving out these freaky colored vampire teeth and all the kids were going around wearing them.  It was hilarious.

Candy anyone?  We took about 8 apples just because we had them at home and thought they looked cute in our candy bucket, and surprisingly enough they were a huge hit (and most everybody there knew us we figure so it's not so bad that we gave out apples).

Two of our favorite little girls from our former ward.  The older one was also in our primary class (she's the one whose foot accidentally got jammed in the door and required stitches).

This little monkey cleaned all the Milk Duds out of our candy supply.  It was hilarious to watch him picking through to find the little yellow boxes.

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  1. Thanks for posting these, I stole like all of them. I got some pretty good ones of you and Paul finishing, I wasn't sure how they would turn out, I just kept snapping away. It was a really fun race (to watch), I look forward to doing it next year.


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