Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas 2010

I feel super weird posting photos from Christmas.  It seems so long ago already.  But since it has been ages since we have had some serious photo-overloading on this blog, I figure we are overdue. 

Pre-Christmas activities included a night out with friends to enjoy some excellent tapas at a Spanish restaurant in San Jose.

Then we went to see The Nutcracker.  Turns out the San Jose Ballet is pretty impressive.  This performance is one of my favorite Christmas traditions and I remember seeing The Nutcracker for the first time as a little girl in Omaha, Nebraska with my mom and dad.  This photo is from after the show.

I will confess that Paul and I weren't very good photo takers on our trip to Utah.  We were mostly focused on shopping and simply spending time with family and didn't bother to pull out our cameras.  But here are some images from Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Christmas Eve:

We took photos for Paul's family in front of his parent's house in Alpine.

 Elizabeth (our niece who is 6) turns out to be quite the model.  Me, not so much.

 The whole family with all the new additions - a sister-in-law and two nephews. 

Christmas Morning:

Elizabeth (reprimandingly):  Aunt Amy, did you sneak upstairs to see if Santa came?

Amy:  Whatever are you talking about? 

On Christmas morning in Paul's family, everyone except for Paul's parents and grandma is required to stay downstairs and wait for basically an eternity before being allowed to come up, single file, and see what they received. 

We decided to fill each other's stockings this year.

There was a lot of little kid excitement, and really there was only the one kid - our niece Elizabeth - who knew what was going on.  Baby Robert and Baby Colton just kind of cooed at things.

 Dave & Deborah showing Colton one of his Christmas presents. 

 John & Angelica - it was their first Christmas as a married couple.  I remember those days ...

Bob wouldn't stop videotaping.  I mostly like this photo because it shows the red wooden fire truck we gave to baby Robert.

 What a cute little nephew.

Christmas Afternoon:

After opening presents, playing games, and having breakfast at the Nash's, we drove up to Farmington.  We set the table for Christmas dinner, played with Emma, and opened a few presents before it was time to call Jessica in Uruguay. 

I had to include this photo just to show off my niece's adorable ginger hair. 

 Ohmigosh I can't get over how cute and funny she is.  I love her so much.

Emma smiles a lot, but I wouldn't describe her as a smiler.  She is more of a laugher when she is entertained.  Mostly, I would say Emma looks at me with this face depicted below.  I might describe it as, "Lady, you are kind of weird, but I guess I like you enough to humor you."

 But Emma always grins for her grandma, who obviously adores her.

Emma was SO cute opening presents. 

I love that both Jennie and Emma are so excited in this photo.

Me trying to interest Emma in the new phone she got.  I think she was distracted by the dog though.

My family gathered in the office to Skype with Jessica.

Emma showed off her walking skills for Jessica by strolling up and down the length of the desk.

Hermana Casebolt.  Jessica.  I miss her so much.  Mom, Niece, Aunt, Sister, Missionary - all together.

Mother and daughter.  It was surreal talking to Jessica on Skype.  Not just because it felt like she was there in the room with us - more because it transported me right back to the two Christmases I spent in the mission field talking to my family on the phone. 

It was such a wonderful holiday.  We loved seeing all of the family that we have missed so much in the past year being out in California.  We ate lots of great food, saw friends, played games, shopped tons, wrapped and gave gifts, sang songs, and just enjoyed being around each other.  And as much as I hate wishing my life away, I am so looking forward to next Christmas already when Jessica is home and our nephews are old enough to toddle and talk a little.  And maybe we will have a little one of our own - you never know.

May your days be merry and bright.


  1. Amy, I disagree. I think you are just as good of a model as your little niece. Plus you have all of that training from Tyra. I am totally kicking myself now that I forgot to take up Paul on his offer to snap a few family photos of us. Next time! And I am waiting for your New Year's post so I can steal all of your photos, because I only took one the entire weekend!

  2. That picture of you & Paul is beautiful! :) The kiddies are adorable. When you went to the Nutcracker, did you recognize one of the actors??? :)


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