Saturday, January 29, 2011

Neighborhood Watch

We have a neighbor who lives across the street from us named Hans.  I think I have mentioned before that I pretty much think that the name Hans is awesome because it has all of the letters of 'Nash' rearranged.  Anyway, Hans is a very nice old man - like a grandpa.  And I have realized that having a grandpa live across the street from you is a pretty awesome thing for a variety of reasons:

1) One morning Paul left for work and forgot to shut the garage door.  Hans noticed that both of our cars were gone and he knows that we are both lawyers and wouldn't be home all day, so he came over and put the garage door down for us.  When we got home from work that night (completely oblivious to what had happened), Hans came over and reprimanded us in a nice "you-should-be-more-careful" way.

2) When we got back from Utah after Christmas, Hans came over with a box full of mail and a plate of cookies that had been left by my visiting teachers.  He explained that he and a few other neighbors (other older folks on our street) had considered calling the police when our mail started piling up.  He reprimanded us and kindly asked us to let him know when we are going on vacation in the future so that the neighbors don't have to worry that something bad has happened to us.

3) Hans explained garbage collection, recycling, yardwaste collection and the problem of people driving too fast down our street the very first day that we moved into our house.

4) Grandpas have basically every tool you could ever want, so today when Paul needed a table saw, he just went across the street and asked Hans if we could borrow his.  Hans not only agreed, but he pulled the table saw out of his garage so that Paul and his brother Dave could have space to work.

5) Hans put a number of cardboard boxes on the curb today with a sign that said "Free Stuff".  Dave grabbed the unfinished Lincoln Logs which he plans to take home and paint for our nephew Colton. 

So I baked fresh loaf of bread this morning and took a loaf wrapped in a towel and piping hot across the street to Hans' house just to let him know that we feel lucky to have such a good neighbor watching out for us young-uns.


  1. Banana bread?

    Can I have your banana bread recipe? :)

  2. What an awesome neighbors. Our neighborhood is mostly young families, so we don't have anything like that. There's one retired couple in the neighborhood that I know of.


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