Monday, August 27, 2012

Ego Tripping

On Saturday afternoon we got home from an FSA (Families Supporting Adoption) Lunch to find a cute little bag on the front porch with oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and the sweetest messages from some of the Young Women for me.  I really did enjoy being in Young Womens and I am totally going to miss these girls but I know that they have great new leaders.  And I am weirdly looking forward to teaching the Gospel Doctrine class this Sunday for the first time. 

I just had to share a few of the notes (not all because there were quite a few and some had both first and last names on them and I don't want to post identifying information about my Young Women for privacy reasons) I received on the blog because they made me smile so much. 

It's true - the "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" movie activity was probably the biggest hit activity of the summer and the young women (it was combined so all the young women ages 12-18) were in heaven since none of them (and most of the leaders too!) had ever seen it before.  I was all astonishment at that since I probably watched that movie a hundred times if I watched it once while I was in Young Womens. 

Nothing feels quite as good as being told by one of our super fashionable young women that you have good fashion sense.  Totally prideful of me to think that, but it is true.

Ahh, the "old disney color music" - one of my nerdier moments slipped out one summer night after our activity was over and the young women were hanging out in the parking lot waiting for parents to show up for rides home.  A bunch of my beehives (the 12-13 year old girls) were sharing songs on their phones and talking about what awesome songs they are (they are all completely obsessed with the band One Direction) and I jumped in on the conversation and told them they had to listen to my current favorite song.  They quieted down and I played Disney's Ludwig Von Drake's "The Spectrum Song" that my sister Jessica has all of her nieces (including Clara) hooked on.  And yes, I totally danced to it using my dorkiest moves which I think initially embarassed the girls until they decided I was awesome for not caring, which is probably why Dakota said my dance moves are boss.  You know you want to hear the song now, don't you?

I am really going to miss those girls.


  1. Personally, I think dorks are the cutest:) I love that this is your song obsession right now. You rock:)

  2. That is an awesome song. And perhaps if I show it to my husband he will learn that there are more than just the main colors and start understanding colors like canteloupe, aqua, and that tan and khaki can be different.


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