Friday, September 26, 2008

Big Flower

I love cardigans. Seriously, I wear one every single day. I am such a nerd, I know. Anyway, cardigans are comfortable and colorful and make it easy to adjust for temperatures which fluctuate wildly in the law building (some rooms are freezing, others are burning up). But lately, I have been feeling like my cardigans are just a little . . . blah. I don't feel stylish or inspired when I wear one. I need to find a place that makes cute cardigans with embroidery or embellishments or something.

So I decided to experiment in creativity. I bought a flower at a craft store for a buck, cut off the stem with wire cutters, and secured it to the front of my cardigan like a little brooch. Pulled my hair up in a vintage 'do, wore a ruffled shirt underneath, and voila - I had something new and different, reminiscent of 1948. Totally my own style - perfect. At least I thought so.

Then I went to school.

One of the first comments I got was from a professor who asked me why I was wearing an artichoke. Okay, so yes my flower was kind of big. And yes Paul laughed at me when I found it in the first place and teased me that I should rig it to squirt water at people. But an artichoke? Really? After feeling self-conscious all morning and getting 20 or more comments before lunch ("are you going to a wedding or something?" "Hey Amy - oh, um, nice flower"), I decided that it was either time to take my big flower off or it was time to own it.
I decided to own it. And I felt fabulous.


  1. Amy I totally love it! I think you look stunning. I love the picture you took as well. I have seen some fabulous tutorials on line for fabric flowers that make darling brooches. I made a small one to put in my little girls hair. If you are interested I could send you some links. Anyways, I am so glad you decided to own it because I think it is fabulous for sure!!

  2. Way to own it. I think it looks awesome.

  3. That's the funniest thing I've read all day.


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