Thursday, November 13, 2008

De-frump my life please!

It is about this point in the semester every year when I go into melt-down just before kicking into overdrive. I realize that I have no clue what is going on in any of my classes, panic, feel paralyzed for a couple days and avoid thinking about it by reading lots of fun books that have absolutely nothing to do with "The Law," then pull myself together and go to work. I'm in the work stage now, thankfully.

Which unfortunately means that I am deep down in the frumps. Is it socially acceptable to wear running pants or yoga attire to school every day? They're a step-up from pajamas, aren't they? What if I have a nice work-out jacket that matches? It is just so much more comfortable than jeans and when I am studying hard core, comfort is the most important thing. And chocolate. Which only adds to the frumpiness as I find myself placing schoolwork as a priority over gym time. I know, crazy right? To top it all off, the stress gave me a cold-sore which is the crowning glory of all things frumpy.

So at least I could de-frumpify this blog. The black is so sleek and brooding and sets off photos well I think, but who knows, maybe I'll switch it to a light gray or white within a day or two. Now if only I could figure out how to get a really cute blog banner. Or new shoes. Goldenrod-yellow ones.


  1. Things to help:
    1. I totally think it's fine to wear yoga or gym clothes to school...seriously, you're going to be working at a law firm in Palo wear your gym shoes now!
    2. I just saw you a week ago and you looked absolutely fantastic! So no worries about the has antioxidants in it anyways.
    3. Whenever you are down, just do one thing - remember that in 6 months, you will be a Californian! Whoohooo! All you have to do is get through law school! There's your motivation!

  2. Haha, thanks Nikki. Yes thinking about California and finishing law school is a bright spot. Don't worry, this isn't a pity-post, just more of one where I am laughing at myself and the fact that I do this every semester. Frumpy, but thankfully not grumpy!

  3. You should bring one of those Yoga balls to sit on and weights. Then it'll just look like your multi-tasking.

  4. I like the new background! And, don't worry about lack of gym time, when you you are a rich lawyer, you can hire a personal trainer!!

  5. Yes, I noticed that you were speeding through an awful lot of books lately... I wondered how you found the time but now I am in on your secret!

    And here's a little help in the yellow shoe department:

  6. Its so true - I have been reading way too much lately. The best book has been "The Hunger Games." I'll have to do a book review on it.

    And those shoes are great!

  7. Unfortunately, I think I'm in a permanent frump. I've had several excuses recently to dress in my nasty knit gouchos day after day but as time progresses, I'm losing my excuses. Ginger's now seven weeks old so I should definitely de-frumpify myself.

    The black is sleek, by the way.

    And, it'll be fun to have you guys in California. If you don't end up spending every waking minute at work, we should actually meet up somewhere. Good luck with finals.

  8. Amy-
    You probably don't know me, but Paul and I grew up together. We went to middle school, high school and seminary together :) I found your blog through Nikki's. I was so excited to see how you guys are doing and it looks like things are going so well for you. Huge congrats to both you and Paul for plowing through law school. And you will love Palo Alto. My husband and I live just 20 minutes north of there.
    Tell Paul that I said hi! And give Donna a hug for me.
    Bethany (Blank) Sebra


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