Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Naked Out of Necessity

Here is a photo of our rings that I took a couple years ago. I guess Amy didn't remember I had these photos, so here you go.
As you can see, a cleaning/repolishing is desperately needed, so the two-day separation from our rings is well worth it...although I have noticed a substantial increase in the number of girls smiling at me, checking me out as I walk by, and asking for my number... I think tomorrow I will just need to stay indoors.


  1. Wow babe, you're right - they were looking pretty scratched up, huh? So are the girls on the bus making their moves on you now that you don't have your ring on? That was barely keeping them at bay before anyway ...

  2. Are you sure they aren't just smiling at you because you're wearing your pajamas in public again?

  3. Amy! I am so happy you found me. I have tried finding you a few times but no luck. Anyway I see you are still in Provo. We should totally get together and have lunch. After next week my husband is home for the rest of the year so we could do it with out my kids. Let me know what you think. My email is ktmac3@hotmail.com. Hope to hear from you soon


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