Friday, April 30, 2010


Today I had chinese food because our litigation group lunch was at a chinese restaurant in Palo Alto. 

Here's the truth: I don't like chinese food. I will eat it, and it's not like I hate chinese food, but honestly ... it's not my thing. I don't even like fortune cookies. 

But I do like the fortunes in the cookies.  And on the occasions when Paul can drag me along for some orange chicken or mongolian beef, I always take a fortune cookie, crack it open, then hand the separated halves of the crunchy wafer to Paul to eat while I read my fortune.  And I find myself sticking the little scraps of paper with red-ink messages into my wallet or purse to carry around and peruse at random moments over the next couple of weeks until I invariably lose them.

Today's message from the Universe:  Prepare yourself for a change of events in your personal life. 

Any guesses as to what that means?  (And just so everybody knows, this is not a lead-in to announcing that we have begun the adoption process or anything, so we can just bypass that line of thought.  Although you never know, right?)

And do you have to eat the cookie for the fortune to stick?  I have always thought that, but I think its just something I made up.


  1. I'm pretty sure that's the myth.. but I've eaten a miriad of fortune cookies and none of mine have come true. I'm not rich... and I haven't found mysterious love.

  2. I love your blog posts (Yosemite - how fun). But side note, is adoption something you're considering? You should check out my friend's blog. They're adopting and their blog does a pretty good job of sharing the ups and downs.

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