Sunday, April 4, 2010


I lay in bed this morning, trying to fall back asleep after having awoken at 5:45 (no alarm, just excited) to sneak out of our room and put together Paul's Easter basket, thinking about whether to write this blog post.  See, I'm not a big fan of really "churchy" blogs or blog posts.  For me, although there is a time and a season for everything, spirituality is more personal than public.  But as I lay listening to Paul's steady and slow sleep-breathing, I found myself going over these things in my head and then thinking about how my sister Jessica is spending her first week actually in the "mission field" sharing this same knowledge that I wanted to share on my blog and finally I crept back out to my computer to compose this post.  Because if there is a time and a season for this message, that time is Easter when we celebrate the resurrection of our Savior.

I know that I have a Father in Heaven.  He knows my name and he loves me and understands me like no one else.  When I pray to Him, he listens.  I know that He sent His Son to earth to get a body so that one day, that man--my brother--could atone for my sins and the sins of all mankind in a sacrifice so great that I will never entirely comprehend what it means, at least not in this life. I know that because of that one act of humility, pain and love, that I can one day be with Him and with my Heavenly Father again.  And I know that after his crucifixion, Jesus Christ, my Savior, rose again and lived.  He took up his body and was resurrected, and because of that great miracle I know that death is not an end and that one day, all of us who chose to come to earth and receive these amazing bodies that we have been blessed with, will also be resurrected with perfect bodies, just like our Savior was resurrected.  None of this is conjecture or belief or faith even. At this point, it is a knowledge that I treasure and don't share lightly.  This knowledge has shaped my life in the most beautiful and miraculous of ways, and continues to do so.  I wouldn't be Me without it - not the same Me anyway.

If you're interested, here's one of my favorite songs that I found a few months ago and feel is only too appropriate for how I feel right now.  And if you ever want to know more about my beliefs, you can go here or just ask.

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  1. I totally understand the public vs. private battle when it comes to sharing these things. But thank you for doing so. I know the same things to be true...and when I read them from someone else, especially someone I respect so much, it just reaffirms things for me even more. So thank you.


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