Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hidden Talent and Hypocrite, Or In Other Words: Amy's Interactions With The Po Po

Interaction #1:  You may not know this, but my hidden talent is that I can get out of most any speeding ticket.  Seriously, I've been pulled over many, many times (can't count the number on two hands even).  I have only ever gotten (not a word, I know) one speeding ticket and that was for going 25 in a 15 zone on a balmy Sunday afternoon in downtown Provo when I stumbled into a speed trap and the police cited me even though there was seriously not another soul within five miles (give or take).  I like to drive fast, okay?

The other day I was cruising through downtown Campbell at 7:45 in the a.m. on my way to work when a police officer stepped out into the middle of the road across the street from the Home Depot and waved me into a parking lot.  He had been lurking behind a bush--a BUSH people--with his speed gun pointed through the leaves, the little sneak.  He clocked me going 39 in a 25 zone.  So what's a girl to do?  Flirt, you ask?  Definitely no, you amateurs.  Cry?  Puh-lease, that only worked once when I was sixteen and the cop who pulled me over was the father of one of the girls on my dance team.  Lie?  Deny?  Make up an excuse? Instead, I tell the truth, say I'm sorry, and shrug with not quite half a smile that says "whadda'ya do?"  The officer came back after running my license and plates and told me that I was getting my one warning and then I was on my merry way.

Interaction #2:  Tonight I was driving home from work through downtown Campbell when a police car passed me going the opposite direction.  The officer was blatantly holding a cell phone to his ear and chatting like a middle-school-aged teeny bopper.  I was law-abidingly on my bluetooth at the time talking to my mother, otherwise I would have hollered "HYPOCRITE!!" at him through my window.  Talking on your cell phone without a hands-free device is illegal in California.  ILLEGAL, you read me?  Paul says I'm confrontational. 

The end.


  1. Just so you are aware my husband is a CHP officer and while silly it seems to me the cell phone law does not apply to them while on the job while of the job it does. They use it on ht job for various purposes when taking reports for traffic collisions and contacting people as well as people who call them with questions about their vehicles.

  2. Whoa, Jessica, don't turn me in, 'kay? I don't have anything against the police. :o) And that is really interesting that the law specifically doesn't apply to them while they are on the job. It seems like it would be beneficial to them to have a bluetooth device to free up their hands for taking reports, etc. Thanks for the informative comment.

  3. You are clearly confrontational from the protective cocoon of your vehicle.
    I was shocked (shocked!) that Jessica's comment could possibly be true, but on looking it up, it clearly is. There's an exception for anyone making an emergency call, and for any emergency personnel while inside an authorized emergency vehicle.
    What blows my mind, though, is that they are also excepted from the texting ban.

  4. next time you see Christy, you HAVE to have her tell you the story of when they got pulled over a couple weeks ago in Berkeley. Mike can't keep his mouth shut...the story is HILARIOUS! I wish I could do it justice, or I'd tell you. Part of it includes the police officer asking Mike what the front of his driver's test said. Mike said, "I don't know...welcome to California?" The cop got all mad, asked it again, and it ended with Mike asking the cop if he knew what the front page of one of his high school exams said.


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