Thursday, August 18, 2011

All sorts of random thoughts

This morning I logged in to write up a post and I had a message from Blogger saying that our blog is "popular" and we should start using their ads feature to try to make money off of it.  I think we'll pass.

The other day at the gym there was a grown man on the treadmill next to me watching Sesame Street.  It was a little weird.  I sort of wanted to change treadmills but I didn't.  Does that make me a terrible person?  I watch "The Price Is Right" while I run, because I am, like, 80 or something.  At least, that is the demographic I think "The Price Is Right" targets with all their denture cream, life alert, and hover-round ads.

I wouldn't exactly think of myself as an overtly ethical eater (although I try to avoid most processed foods), but I may no longer be able to eat eggs from the grocery store anymore and will have to start buying the cage-free eggs at our local farmer's market.  The book I've been listening to, "The Omnivore's Dilemma", has finally gotten to me.

We had six big oleander stumps removed from our front sideyard last week for a total cost of $280.  Kind of pricey, but it saved Paul from the backbreaking labor of removing the stumps himself.  Paul felt like we should give the guys who did the work a tip.  I felt like we should use the 15% off coupon I had.  He is generous, I am cheap, apparently.  We settled on just going with the stated price and I think that we are both okay with that.  The stump removers were impressed with Paul's spanish and the fact that I could correctly pronounce the spanish version of the name "Ephraim." 

I am biting my nails over the fact that my sister is due to have her second baby girl any day now and I want her to wait until I get there.  There is nothing quite like holding a little human being who has been alive for less than a day.  It is magical. 

Paul and I sometimes fight over who gets to hold Clara in the rocking chair while we read scriptures at night.  Paul usually wins.

My sister who is getting home from her mission tomorrow wrote to say that she had a dream that Paul and I had become really "worldly" and that it had freaked her out.  I scoffed until last night when I was mortified to realize I had just done my visiting teaching wearing flip-flops and I hadn't had a pedicure in weeks (gasp!).  No, really, I was kind of embarassed. 

On Tuesday I did a short presentation at the Relief Society mid-week meeting about a book that had inspired me when I was growing up.  I talked about the "Little House on the Prairie" books that my dad had read to me when I was a little girl.  I got a little choked up thinking about how much I love my dad and that memory in particular and I hope that Paul will read those books to Clara. 

I don't understand people who take their blogs private and then complain on those blogs that noboby reads their blog anymore.  I can understand why some people might be concerned enough to take a blog private, but to whine about dwindling readership when it happens is just silly to me. 

Lately I am obsessed with pepperjack cheese.

Top three worst chores on my list:  1) ironing, 2) dishes, 3) yardwork.  Top three favorite chores:  1) making the bed, 2) cleaning the bathroom counters and mirrors, 3) laundry. 

There.  Randomness completed.


  1. You iron??? Poor Jason hasn't had a shirt ironed since we have been married, unless it is REALLY special occasion. And I totally agree about the private blog complaints. I just plain forget to check them.

  2. What a great idea! Sometimes I feel as though I need to have a whole post on just one or two big ideas -- I might steal this one. So we'll be even - you do the letters, I do random thoughts:)
    I can just hear your voice while I read and I love it!

  3. I love the random thoughts. :)

    And I love the Little House books. Eric read the first one to Elliott before she was born, and last week I started reading the second to her. She doesn't understand, so probably we're just reading them because I wanted to. :)

  4. I've loved The Price is Right ever since I was like 8. I haven't watched it in a long time though. It's just not the same without Bob Barker.

    In our house, I am also cheap and Charlie is generous.

    I hope you get there in time for Jennie's baby. Which I'm sure you will unless she has it tonight, right? Safe travels tomorrow!

    I don't think that tidy grooming is considered worldly. Chipped polish is a no-no (so don't look at my toes!).

    I miss cheese :(


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