Sunday, August 28, 2011

Swimming In Spanish Fork

On Saturday I went to Utah County with my family to help Jessica move to BYU for Fall Semester.  After dropping her things off at her apartment, we drove to Spanish Fork and picked up Cafe Rio to eat at Ryan and Jennie's house.  Then we went to the Spanish Fork pool with Clara and Emma.  It was such a perfect day for swimming - super hot and sunny.  My mom bought Clara this darling bathing suit and hat combo at Gymboree while we were in Texas in May.

Grandma Cici had a fun time watching her girls play in the pools.  Clara cracks me up in this picture.  She's like, "seriously mom, another hat?"
Clara was modeling her new suit and the sunglasses that Aunt Jennie let us borrow.  I love the hands on the hip pose, even if the glasses were a little askew.
 What a cool cat.
 Hanging out with grandma on the side of the pool.

The Spanish Fork Community Pool isn't fancy, but it has some nice play features for kids.  There is a splash area too that we didn't get a photo of, but Emma loved running through the streams of water that shot up from the ground.
Jessica was showing Emma how to blow bubbles.  One of Jessica's mission buddies came with us for the day.  She is really awesome and it is not just because we share the same name.
I love these girls.
 That orange hair!  Oh my goodness, I just melt.
Clara was really funny about swimming this time.  The previous times I have taken her swimming, she hasn't seemed to have an opinion about it one way or the other.  This time she finally warmed up a little bit and splashed and kicked and smiled.

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  1. Looks like fun! LOVE your new hair color. Clara is so stinkin' adorable! :) Shelby


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