Thursday, August 4, 2011

Life in bullet points and a video

Here is what is going on in our lives right now:
  • I've been running fifteen miles a week for the past 3 weeks now (3 miles a day, 5 days each week, 6.0 mph pace on the treadmill at the YMCA).  With that kind of calorie loss, I might actually lose weight if I would stop eating ice cream and oreos.
  • Clara has turned out to be a very vocal child.  She talks all the time and it is the best sound ever.  She has also rolled over accidentally twice but is getting really good at rolling from her back to her side so pretty soon here I am thinking that she will start rolling over on purpose.
  • Paul has been combatting weeds and stumps in our backyard when he isn't at work.  He has now been at his law firm for about 3 months and has settled in well.
  • I am obsessed with coming up with the perfect Halloween costumes and unfortunately feel like I am failing.  My favorite idea was Little Red Riding Hood (Clara) with the Big Bad Wolf (Paul) and Grandma (me), but I couldn't find any wolf costumes for Paul that weren't either completely ridiculous or so frightening that Clara wouldn't recognize him. 
  • The power went out the other night in our neighborhood and Clara woke up crying because her nightlight was off.  I was grateful for the emergency flashlight/nightlight that Paul's mom gave us because it meant I had something right there in her room to use to see her since it was pitch black.
  • My sister Jessica gets home from her mission on August 19th.  Clara and I are flying to Utah to see her and the rest of my family.  Clara will finally get to meet both her aunts and her cousin Emma and I am really excited.  Paul is staying behind to work. 
  • Clara's clothes are shrinking.  I don't know why she can't wear 0-3 month sizes anymore.  Stop growing girl, seriously.  You are only 2 1/2 months old.
  • The diapers with the wetness indicator are seriously better than the diapers without the indicator.
  • I abandoned the 4 oz. bottles and moved up to the 8 oz. bottles just last night.  Clara usually takes around 5 oz. at a time.
  • Clara and I went to the Farmer's Market last night and bought pluots (cross between a plum and an apricot I think), yellow peaches, and eggplant pesto.  The guy I bought the eggplant pesto from threw in a package of pocket bread for free because he thought I was cute I guess.
  • I was using Clinique sunscreen on my face last week and it caused a major allergic reaction resulting in lots of bumps on my face and even some sores that are just now starting to heal.  I look awful and can't even cover it all up with makeup because I don't know how to use cover-up very well since I have never had to deal with pimples much.
  • I'm listening to "The Omnivore's Dilemma" on audiobook and it is kind of freaking me out about the food I eat.   
  • We paid off our car loan and it feels amazing to retire a debt even if we are just turning around and putting that same monthly payment onto our student loans.
  • The other day I had my first experience of a stranger telling me that Clara looks "just like" me.
Okay, so this video is kind of long at 2 minutes, 41 seconds, so my feelings won't be hurt if nobody other than my sister, mom, mother-in-law, and Kayli want to watch it, but Clara was just being so cute this morning that I couldn't help myself.  I take these kind of random videos all the time but I never post them because I am always making some dumb commentary in the background and I feel like my voice sounds really strange, like I'm seven years old or something.  Anyway, sometimes I lay Clara in front of the mirrored closet door while I am getting ready in the morning and she entertains herself pretty well - this is a video I took of her doing just that this morning.


  1. Love, love, love it. And her. And I can hardly wait to kiss those cheeks!

  2. Love Michael Pollan's books. Animal, Vegetable, Miracle is another good book along those lines. How ironic about the sunscreen, since Clinique is supposed to be hypoallergenic! That really sucks :( Can't wait to meet Clara, she's a doll!

  3. I watched the whole thing. :) (blush) I love that little flop to the side she does at the end with her little legs... it made my uterus skip a beat! And I totally just got all teared up, but you know I have had a really rough week, so I'm a little extra emotional. She just reminded me how much I wanted to be a mom before everything happened. She's beautiful.

  4. -I've never met a baby that fit exactly in the sizes indicated by their ages.
    -I was feeling sympathetic about your allergic reaction, until you said you'd never had to deal with pimples much.
    -Strangers will always say your baby looks just like you, unless you're obviously a different race. Just say thanks.
    -Babies love mirrors.

  5. I watched the whole video and I loved it. I have the same issue with some weird voice ruining the videos of baby Luke :) But you don't sound weird, I actually think you sound like your mother a little bit. Is it possible that Clara is becoming more and more adorable as she gets older? Also, way to go on the running. That is some serious commitment to go everyday. I need to get back at it now that Charlie is back in town.

  6. Awesome job on the running. Which race are you training for? Also, if you have time I'd love to meet your little girl when you're in Utah. :)


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