Saturday, May 12, 2012

Birthmother's Day

Not many people know this, but today is actually a holiday.  It is Birthmother's Day.  We've talked a lot on this blog about Clara's birthmom, Kayli, and how amazing she is and how we love so much.  We treasure our open adoption and know how fortunate we are to have the special relationship with Kayli that not all birthmothers and adoptive couples have.  So today we celebrate her - the woman who lovingly and prayerfully sought out two people to be parents to the little life she was carrying and went forward with her decision with faith and strength at a time when most people would crumble.  Birthmoms, and especially OUR birthmom, are our heroes.

I love that Birthmother's Day is the day before Mother's Day.  It just seems so appropriate and right to me.  Not all birthmom's celebrate Birthmother's Day - some prefer to celebrate Mother's Day instead (which is also entirely accurate on their part).  If anyone reading this blog can keep a special prayer in your heart for birthmom's today and tomorrow, that would be wonderful.

This video has been all over my facebook and blog feed this week as my friends in the adoption community have shared it but I wanted to save it to post on here on this special day.  It is five minutes long and totally worth the watch.


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  1. Sometimes I cry when I read your blog. :) I'm so grateful you found Kayli.


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