Thursday, May 24, 2012

Email blasts

Around Christmas time, I got overwhelmingly sick of the emails I got seemingly each hour from a number of retailers who had added me to their listserve over the years.  I would wake up each morning with something like 40 unread emails regarding deals on cosmetics, shoes, soap, books, clothing, music, etc. and I was finally bombarded with so much noise that I unsubscribed from everything.  Or so I thought.  How is it that the number of junk emails I get has been creeping steadily upwards again?  None of it is spam - thank goodness I have never had problems with those awful subject lines making their way to my inbox - but still, it totally bugs, you know? 

And the dumb thing is that sometimes I read the subject line and think to myself, "Wow! 40% off everything I put in my bag?! Super!  I am totally going shopping!" And then I have to have a little pep talk with myself along the lines of, "Well, Amy, it sounds like a good deal and I know you would LIKE to have new clothes, but you totally don't NEED new clothes and remember how you are trying to be good about sticking to a budget now that you aren't working and we are remodeling the kitchen?  Hmm, remember?"

Blarg.  It is easier to be good when I don't get the enticing emails in the first place.  Time to unsubscribe from everything again.


  1. same here... i am constantly deleteing junk emails all day long! ugh

  2. Amy!!!!!! I've been away for so long, since I redid I my blog I messed a few things up like the blogs I follow. So I'm back and I've loved all of your posts!!!! Clara is getting big and it's good to see her here since I don't ever see you at church. I want to see your kitchen in person and I love your anniversary slide show, so touching. My very favorite picture was of you, miss, and Paul standing on a round platform in front of the temple, you are in a green skirt. You're both holding her hands and looking down at her. The colors are vivid and sharp, I love it, I would blow it up. Take care,



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