Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

Memorial Day this year consisted of a ward pancake breakfast like no other I have ever experienced.  There were whole wheat banana pancakes, bacon, and huge bowlfuls of strawberries and blueberries with whipped cream for topping the pancakes.  It was seriously wonderful and I was glad that Paul and I had decided to walk to the church with Clara in the stroller for the breakfast so that we could waddle our way home again. 

The rest of the day mainly consisted of us trying to put our house back together by moving things out of the garage and into the kitchen during Clara's naptimes and Paul started putting on trim and baseboard, which he says is one of his favorite remodeling projects because it looks finished and clean and it goes up fairly quickly. 

We spent a few hours at the park in the late afternoon having a barbeque with church friends.  Paul brought a frisbee and would float it right down in front of Clara's lap, which amazed her and she would gaze up with a wide-mouth smile at her dad like he had just done the most astonishing thing ever.  I tried throwing the frisbee but it always went completely off target - I never have figured out the technique for proper frisbee tossing so that it floats and mine usually go far afield and roll off in a completely unexpected direction. 

My favorite part of the afternoon though was probably when I convinced my friend Melanie to do cartwheels, somersaults, handstands, and backbends with me.  Because if I am the only one doing that kind of thing I usually end up looking weird and being pitied by others for being such a nerd.  Turns out the only gymnastic skill that I can sort of still do with a modicum of grace is a backbend.  My cartwheels are less vertical than I thought - at least by the accounts of others even though I thought my form was impressive.  My handstands are pathetic - I chicken out and can't make it all the way up.  And my somersaults are ... well, when was the last time YOU tried a somersault?  Go ahead, sneak into the backyard sometime today and try one.  I dare you. 

I wish I had brought the camera.


  1. I tried to show Emma how to do a somersault the other week, and realized I was a total chicken! I got so nervous I just ended up holding Emma and helping her do one herself. Totally wussy, I know.

  2. What?! Okay when we are in California I am giving somersault and cart wheel lessons. Bring your leotards.

  3. Sounds so fun! Yeah, I'm definitely in that same category of people who thinks my cartwheels look way better than they actually do. I'm sure you could beat me in a handstand contest any day. :)

  4. Amy I love the birthday cake for little miss, happy day to her!!!!! Glad you are all happy and having good times. Take care,



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