Friday, September 14, 2012

Clara Videos

I have more videos than these four, but for some reason I am having a hard time uploading some of them onto Vimeo right now so we will call it good with just these ones.  I am pretty good at uploading our pictures but for some reason I stockpile the videos.  They are all pretty short and they are all recent except for the one of her saying "no" which was taken back in June.

This first video is of her growling voice which she has been using a lot lately.  You can also see how busy she is and how she just goes around and around shutting doors, playing in the closet, etc.


Her laughin this video is hilarious.  It might remind you of a pair of trashy MTV cartoon characters from the 90's...

I am annoyed with my voice prompting her to say "hi" in the next video, but she generally does this all the time without my coaching only when I pulled out the camera and started taking a video she got a little shy so I was helping her out.

This one is maybe a little boring but I just love her little grin when she sticks out her tongue at the beginning and the big kiss and giggle at the end.


  1. I couldn't watch the first one, it wouldn't load. But her laugh in the second one is hilarious!!! So funny. I couldn't help but laugh watching it. And I love her cute ponytail. She is pretty adorable.

  2. Oh gosh I love watching the videos! She is learning so quickly!

  3. Oh, so sweet! Learning how to talk is definitely one of my favorite stages of kidhood.


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