Saturday, September 8, 2012

San Francisco Exploratorium

Paul's law firm was invited to participate in the San Francisco Exploratorium's Corporate Family Fun Night since I guess the firm did some work for the Exploratorium this year or something.  I love going into the city and feel like we don't do it nearly enough, so I jumped at the chance when Paul mentioned it.  Traffic was no bueno on our way in around 6:00 p.m. but we made it to the Palace of Fine Arts in the marina area of San Francisco where the Exploratorium is currently located (it is moving to a pier soon) and found free parking with no problem (yay!) by about 7:00 so really it wasn't too bad.    
I LOVED seeing the Palace itself.  I am a HUGE fan of the Corinthian columns on this structure and have only seen it from a distance previously while heading across the Golden Gate Bridge.  The architecture of the Palace was better than the Exploratorium itself, in my opinion.  Plus, this was the scene for one of the dates a few seasons ago on "The Bachelor" so it was kind of exciting to be there for that reason too.  'Cuz, you know, we geek out over awful reality TV shows. 

Poor Clara was pretty tired.  She only took one nap yesterday (I am worried that she is trying to give up one of her naps because three times this week she only took one nap a day) and was awfully sleepy (but not fussy) while we were on our little adventure.  Seeing this beautiful architecture and the friezes made me want to travel so badly.  I miss Greece and Italy so much.

One of our sure-fire ways of coaxing a smile out of a sleepy Clara is to spin with her.  She loves to twirl.  Even though this shot is blurry, I love it because it is SO true to life how she holds onto me and our hair flies out and neither of us can stop smiling while we go around and around.

There are some cool science exhibits to play with there but honestly our favorite thing was the free photo booth with props.  I love the progression of Clara in these pictures where she starts out looking at Paul like, "Dad, what is that on your head?" and then ends with a resigned tired look like "my parents are the weirdest and I totally don't understand them."

We left just as it was getting dark and walked over near Crissy Field to take a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge near dusk.  It was a fun Friday evening.


  1. I love, love, LOVE that jacket of yours. Every time I see you wearing it in your photos I am envious. We just lost Luke's second nap too :( He would still take both but twice this week he was up until 11:00 pm so we've nixed the morning nap and moved the afternoon nap up a few hours. It is kinda painful though because he is so sleepy.

  2. Ha ha! Love the photo booth pics. Clara is such a little girl now! And just as cute as ever!

  3. last pic in the post of just you is a money shot. gorgeous lady.

  4. The pictures are especially exquisite. And I don't throw out words like "exquisite" lightly. :) I also loved the pictures from the BBQ. Thanks again for having us!

  5. The exploritorium is so fun!!! We've been there so many times I"ve lost count. You look great in that last picture what a great shot-priceless. Talk soon,


  6. You look so good Amy! I love your captions for the photo booth funny! My boys think I'm weird too and I'm ok with that.


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