Thursday, January 5, 2012

Casebolt Family Photos

On New Year's Day, my family was all dressed up for church so we took a few quick family photos in the living room at home.  It was a little tricky getting everybody to look at the camera or to keep their eyes open or to keep Sally (our dog) out of the picture, but I think that at least a few of the shots turned out pretty nice.  And now Paul and I have updated family photos of both his family and my family for our next adoption profile (since in our last family photos there was only one grandchild on each side and now there are FIVE! on Paul's side and THREE! on my side!). 

When I was younger, my parents usually wouldn't get in family photos with us.  They wanted it to be of just the kids.  In fact, I don't have a whole lot of photos of my parents from when I was growing up and that is sad for me.  So I try to make sure to get photos of them whenever I can now.  And it has taught me the valuable lesson that I need to make sure to hand off the camera to others while Clara (and our future children) are growing up and get in pictures with them because someday, I am betting that they, like me, will want to know what Mom looked like on Halloween or Christmas morning or at the beach or on their birthdays.  Besides, my parents are two of the best looking grandparents I know. 

The next two photos are basically the same except in one of them Jennie and Emma are not looking at the camera and I can't quite tell if my mom's eyes are closed or not, and in the other photo my brother Ryan is trying to lurk out of the picture, Lily is looking away and Sally has snuck into the frame.  I haven't decided which is better and I thought I would put both on here pretty much for Jennie so that she could decide which one she prefers. 

And of course we had to take some pictures of Grandma Cici and her granddaughters.  These little girls adore their grandma.  My mom purchased the Christmas dresses for the three girls so that they would coordinate without being matchy-matchy and I think that they all look so darling.  My mom has great taste.

We finally coaxed a smile out of Clara who was being unusually somber for the photos.

Clara and Lily were so cute sitting in the chair together.  They are only three months apart in age, and two pounds apart in weight.  I still think that Lily looks a lot like I look in my baby photos.  I was short and fat - seriously fat - and Lils is pretty much one of the chunkiest babies ever.

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  1. It is fun to see all of your family together. For some reason I still picture everyone at the age they were when you lived in Chino Hills. That was like 20 years ago! Ha! And I think Sally should have been in all of the pictures. :)


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