Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Seeing Things Clearly

When I was five years old, I walked out of my optometrist's office wearing seashell-pink-and-gold-rimmed glasses with lenses so thick that I remember them as being cloudy although I know they were clear. And I saw leaves. On trees. Individually. I was amazed.

I woke up this morning with scratchy red eyes pleading with me to forego the contact lenses I have been wearing for much longer than recommended because I always forget to change them. The poor baby blues begged for my backup glasses, but vanity is an overriding factor for me when it comes to my eyes. So I busted out a fresh set of those flimsy, slippery little miracles that saved me from forever being stuck with metal and plastic appendages to my face. My eyes are singing with relief right now and when I walked outside I noticed the leaves on the trees. Individually. And I was five years old and amazed again.

Maybe I should just get Lasik?


  1. This is actually Phi Bastian commenting on your blog. I like the description of your life with new glasses. I am currently studying to be an optometrist and found it quite interesting. I would say depending on your prescription and the thickness of your cornea, LASIK may be a great option. I have seen fantastic results.

  2. Lucky girl - my eyes won't take contacts, no matter how how I try! So it is 4-eyes for me forever! (Unless I get Lasik too!)


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