Friday, October 17, 2008

Why This Week Has Been Great (or in other words - My Life When We Turn Off The TV)

We got back to our nightly constitutional, which I have missed, and the fall air has been chill and rich with the smell of wood fires and decaying leaves. (Sidenote: Paul says I have to explain that a "nightly constitutional" is an evening walk, but you know that, right?) Both of us powered through a couple of great books and actually discussed the IDEAS in them (yup, we're super-intellectual now). We sat on the faux-grass sidelines of an indoor soccer field and watched my superstar sister tear after the ball and tear up her knee. I spent more time in the scriptures and less time on the couch. And sans noise destractions, my creative juices started flowing and I have been writing again.

The week has been so wonderful that I plan to forego most television shows next week as well. ANTM and Heroes aren't that interesting this season anyway.

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