Wednesday, October 29, 2008

To do list

Paul was telling me this morning while I was rushing around throwing my bookbag together about all the things he is going to do today (because he has no classes on Wednesdays). Today he will:

1. Meet with one of his students to go over an assignment.
2. Work on his dad's birthday present.
3. Play tennis with a friend from law school. (Paul is totally going to smoke him, trust me).
4. Start outlining for his classes.

Then after a pause, he tells me, "And I have to look sexy doing all of this."

Not a problem, baby.


  1. it. This is why I miss Paul (and you of course!). So excited to see you two next week!!

  2. that's great, I love it! Tell Paul thank you for making me laugh really hard today!

  3. Man - start outlining for classes? What happened to 3L slacking off? You got a job - no need to outline right?


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