Friday, October 31, 2008

The Roaring 20's

Happy Halloween!! A friend from law school, Brooke, threw a swanky Speakeasy party for Halloween. She and her roommates completely decked out their house and had live jazz, drinks, dancing and card games. The place was filled with flappers and mobsters. Paul carried a Tommy Gun and I wore my hair in finger waves.
Study partners, Amy and Brooke.

Glamming it up and fixing a loose bobby pin, all at the same time.

A guy and his doll. (Please note my fabulous maroon shoes and Paul's tommy gun case).

The party was the bee's knees!


  1. You guys look awesome! What a fun party.

  2. Wow, your shoes went perfectly!

  3. Wow, you guys look great!! I also love the shoes, and the hair is awesome!

  4. sounds like a fun party. I love your costume. You both look great!


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