Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Clara Jane at 2 months old (and one day)

Yesterday (the 19th) was Clara's 2 month birthday.  I took some photos but didn't get around to posting them because I was busy playing with our wee babe.  But I wanted to document just a little about what she is like these days.

She is so much fun.  Seriously,  SO much fun.  She makes eye contact, she smiles great gummy full-face smiles when we talk to her, she gurgles and coos and squawks.  She is our best little buddy ever.  Her favorite thing is going for walks around the neighborhood in the evening after her bath.  We just carry her in our arms rather than in the stroller or baby carrier because she likes to look around at evening. 

She kicks all the time - something that Kayli's parents said that Kayli did when she was an infant.  She usually takes 4 ounce bottles although we recently started bumping her up to 4.5 ounces.  The other day I weighed her on the Wii and it said that she is 11 1/2 pounds, so I am hopeful that she will start sleeping through the night fairly soon.  As it is now, she wakes up around 1:00 to 2:00 each night to eat, then wakes up again around 5:30 for a follow up snack then sleeps until 8:00 or 9:00.

Clara is not a fussy baby at all.  She pretty much has four modes:  happy, contented, hungry, or asleep.  She makes the most hilarious faces and grunts ever when she is going poop - her face flushes crimson and she almost goes cross-eyed while she takes care of her business.  I keep wanting to get it on video, but then that makes me think that I am a weirdo. 

Clara fits into all of her 0-3 month clothes really well and is even starting to seem a little bit big for some of them, but I haven't dared try any 3-6 month outfits on her yet because that makes me a little sad already. 

Our little Clarabelle also loves this new toy we bought for her.  It puts her in a trance and she laughs and gazes and swats at the moving pieces.  Best baby purchase ever.

I propped her up on the boppy to take these photos.  If I had a nickel for every time a total stranger stops me coming out of the gym or the grocery store or the mall to tell me how darling her hair is, I would be a rich woman.  Or at least I would be able to download a couple of songs on iTunes.

These are her friends, Owl and Dolly.  Her great aunts Renita and Judy bought her this precious quilt in Nauvoo and I am in love with it.  

 We love you Clara girl!


  1. It's amazing how much you can miss someone you've never met. She is so precious.

  2. She is so cute! That quilt you bought I made my sister one just like it about 6 years ago. I get the pattern out of Lehi Woolen Mill. Same colors, flowers a little different but pretty close.

  3. chillaxing in the bumbo is my new fav shot. love her pose and expression in that photo.

  4. This girl is seriously adorable. And I don't think a poop video is weird at all :)

  5. She has got the best head of hair ever! What a doll!

  6. I love Bumbos. They make me laugh. Maybe it's mostly the name.


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