Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Paul the Tease

The other day I came into the room and discovered that Paul had made up a new game to play with Clara.  He calls it "fishing".  The gist of the game is that Paul dangles Clara's binky near her mouth to see if he can "hook" her (i.e., she grabs the binky and starts sucking on it). 
He teased her whenever she got close but didn't quite get the pacifier.  He was cracking himself up.  She was having a pretty good time too though and was chatting up a storm.
Paul asked me not to post that last photo but I'm not exactly an (finger quotes) "obedient wife" (end finger quotes).
I had to post this because it reminded me so much of a story that my mom likes to tell about how one Sunday when I was a toddler she came down the hallway at the end of church to find a group of 8 or so grown men standing in a circle cracking up.  My dad was holding my blanket over my head just out of my reach and as he slowly lowered it to the point where I could touch it with my upraised left hand, my right hand would slowly raise up to stick my thumb in my mouth.  When he lifted the blanket so I could no longer touch it, my thumb would drop from my mouth.  All the men were laughing about this trick that my dad was playing.  I've always said that Paul is just like my dad, and this is just one of those funny little situations where I realize the truth of that all over again.
This may be photo overkill for some people, but I know my mom won't mind.  Hi mom.  :)
I can't believe the cute clothes you can get at Target on clearance!  This outfit is ridiculously darling (I have a thing for polka dots) and it was super cheap.
Oh how we love her little peanut face.  And her hair is getting SO LONG!
Afterwards I put her up on my lap and she was all giggles and smiles.  She melts my heart.


  1. With a face like that picture overload is impossible!!!

  2. Never too many pictures of that little peanut!!! :)

  3. Love the obedient wife comment. Warren often bemoans the fact that he doesn't have a more (finger quotes) "obedient wife" (end finger quotes). LOL! And I agree Target clearance is the best. Start shopping the clearance racks at Gymboree and Janie and Jack for future sizes. That's how I get the girls nice things for church and stuff for way less.


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