Sunday, July 31, 2011

Clara's Newborn Photo Shoot

I posted a few of these back when I wrote about Clara's birth story, but I finally have the rest of the photos back from our photographer.  We had a newborn photo shoot with Clara when she was only five days old and it was so amazing and fun.  We started off taking a few photos with Kayli, Clara, and Paul and me, then moved on to poses with just Clara.  We had such a great time and it is so amazing looking back on these now almost 2 1/2 months later and seeing how much she has changed already.


  1. Oh, the twinkle lights are so sweet, I love that!

    And the pictures with Kayli are so dear. Those are going to be so meaningful when Clara is grown. So reaffirming that Kayli made this choice as a gift to her, and that she loved and loves her very much! That is awesome!

    I dont know if you saw my comment before asking how about you were handing questions from people who didn't know Clara was adopted but I was still wondering how you were taking that. My mind has been going of late as to how I am going to build my own family and these questions are starting to buzz in my mind...

  2. These are gorgeous! They captured such a precious time beautifully. Clara is so sweet!

  3. These are so precious! I love all the shots of beautiful little Clara and you both. Congrats again, we can't wait to meet her.


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