Sunday, January 29, 2012

Astonishment at the Supermarket

This weekend I was doing the traditional it's-Saturday-night-and-we-need-milk/bread/eggs/vegetables/meat/etc.-for-Sunday run while Paul was at home with a napping Clara and I came across this pizza & cookie dough combo in the freezer aisle.  I confess I was  flabbergasted.  Who buys this kind of stuff?!  And who are the geniuses who think up this kind of product that is everything wrong with America?  (Note: I love my country, but seriously, has our laziness come to this?!)

I texted Paul and Jessica this photo while I was still at the supermarket so that they could enjoy the moment of astonished indignance that I had just experienced.

"Yikes that is a dangerous combo...I want it!!" Jessica replied within minutes. 

"Awesome!! Get it!" Paul texted back.

I am so disappointed in the both of them.  Shameful.


  1. I've seen the commercials for these. My thought is always, "Gross. Those cookies must be so nasty." Then I immediately have the urge to make some truly awesome cookies, and eat half the batch.

  2. Yes, shameful. So did you buy it for Paul?

  3. Absolutely NOT, Carrie! NEVER!

  4. Carrie asked my question! good choice Amy! That is gross looking! I can just feel my pants get tight looking at it!

  5. I've bought those. We eat them separately. So there.

  6. I think it's awesome and I would totally buy that and eat it for dinner.


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