Friday, January 20, 2012

Zombies and such

To come clean, I kind of sort of think there is an impending zombie apocalypse coming. Okay, not really. Zombies are fictional. But possibly ...?

Anyhoo, I have seen a few zombie movies here and there when nobody was around to laugh at me and last year I totally got into the way horrible series "The Walking Dead" on AMC. We don't watch it any more because 1. It was pretty bad, 2. We got rid of all our extra cable channels, 3. Paul doesn't think zombies are as interesting as I do, and 4. I couldn't watch the show at night because it freaked me out too much. But I just started a new audiobook, not knowing what it was about, and it turns out it is about zombies - the "unconsecrated" as the book calls them. My skin crawled as I realized what kind of book I had just started on my way to work and I may or may not imagine zombies lurking in the trees off the freeway waiting for a traffic jam so they can mob the unsuspecting commuters. And I definitely find myself thinking how I can best protect Clara in case a zombie invasion overwhelms us. When you are a parent me, you think about that possibility no matter how insipid and unreal it seems. I admit to having stockpiled enough baby formula and baby food to get us through a while, not because the prophet said to or because an earthquake could happen, but because you never know when some mutant flu could turn your neighbors into flesh-eating brainless monsters. So there.

Incidentally, Paul thinks I am nuts, but we will just have to wait and see about that one, won't we...

I know I haven't had a whole lot to say on here lately, but I have just been too exhausted to blog at night and that is pretty much the only time I have these days. The past two nights my mom has called me to Skype and show me the cute outfits she has picked up for Clara at Gymboree and every time I see myself in the corner of the computer screen I have looked like haggard Death itself. Work has been brutal (I spent almost eight hours in the office last Saturday while Paul got to stay home and play with Clara), but things look like they might settle down here for a little bit. I keep a little sheet of paper on my desk with a calendar I made because sometimes it helps me to check days off as they pass. I put a big red star on Clara's birthday (in case anyone wonders about the importance of the red star) and I keep the calendar next to my bulletin board, which I have covered with photos of Clara, Paul, and me.
Paul has been my hero and has been pretty much picking up all my slack with laundry and dishes and didn't even complain when I made him eat stuffed shells for dinner the other night (which I know he hates but it was one of those frozen Bertolli's dinners and it sounded so yummy to me). He stayed up really late with me on Thursday night because I was too tired to get ready for bed and just wanted to veg out in front of the TV catching up on The Office.

We are watching "The Bachelor" again this season, even though I previously said that I would refuse to watch it again since it really is awful television. But it does give me new ideas for how to do my hair and encourages me to be braver about accessorizing. Today I tried out the low side-bun thing that one of the girls was sporting at the rose ceremony on Monday - she wore it better but I still liked how it turned out - and I wore a scarf to work that looked cute with the earrings my mom gave me for Christmas.
My resolutions about exercise have pretty much gone out the window, but I am still doing good on scripture study and I have been making much better choices about the foods I eat. I have been able to majorly curbing my mindless snacking at work and dessert has been a once or maybe twice a week thing so far this year. While that may not sound like the best progress, it is huge compared to our pretty much daily dessert habit last year, and I already am feeilng physically better for it.

Other than that, there is just not a whole lot happening around these parts and I don't have any new stories or deep thoughts to share.

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