Sunday, January 22, 2012

Park Day and New Clothes

The forecast for the weekend said that it would rain the whole time.  But when there was a break in the clouds on Saturday, we decided to take Clara over to the Los Gatos Creek Trail and go for a nice walk.  The day turned out to be beautiful and Clara loved stopping at the dog park to see the dogs (we always get a smile from her when we say "dog? woof! woof!"), the fly-fishing practice ponds, and then the geese.  We even saw a swan and I helped Clara sneak up on it before it decided to swim away.

We had brought along an orange to share, but Clara decided to eat Paul's half. 

I made a little video of our outing.

I had some Gymboree bucks that I used to buy this cute little outfit for Clara on a great discount.  I also picked up some larger sizes for next fall/winter that were on clearance too.  I love getting a good deal on cute new clothes.  Paul told me that if I make him pull out the tripod after church every Sunday when our outfits are coordinated so that we can do a photo shoot, he is going to stop matching us.  What a funny guy.

Paul thinks that Clara's corkscrew curl barettes are pretty awesome and told me that I should get these for her in all sorts of different color combinations.


  1. I love your matching outfits! Paul is a good sport. And is that bench new? I don't remember it. Clara is looking so grown up. I can't wait to see her next week when we are in town (that was my subtle reminder that I will be stopping by next week).

  2. Amy, so cute! Oh she is precious to pieces. I love her smile. Great pictures. You all look beautiful and handsome. You especially, but I've never seen you look otherwise, so your beauty must be natural :). Take care,


  3. Your walk must have been wonderful -- the weather just seems so pretty!
    Clara is starting to look like a little girl, not a baby - that little stinker!

  4. I love Clara. And the corkscrew bows. And those purple tights.


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