Monday, January 16, 2012

In which I fret over possibly accidentally ingesting marijuana...

I know I've mentioned before on the blog that Paul and I have a favorite ice cream place in Santa Cruz called Marianne's.  The texture and flavor of their ice creams are amazing and they have lots of options to choose from.  I pretty much always try a couple of random samples like "Lavender" or "Heath Bar" or "Lychee" and then ask for a kid's double on a cake cone with a scoop of raspberry swirl and fudge brownie.  I've noticed before that the fudge brownie is officially named "Alice B. Toklas Fudge Brownie (with walnuts)" but I have always ignored the Ms. Toklas part and waived her off as Marianne's granny or biddy aunt or something. 

Except today I looked her up on my iPhone while we were driving home and it turns out that according to Wikipedia, Alice Babette Toklas was the San Francisco-born lover of the novelist Gertrude Stein and is famous in her own right for publishing a cookbook with a recipe for "hashish fudge" and her name was later attributed to a number of "cannabis concoctions" including marijuana brownies. 


I debated whether to continue eating my Alice B. Toklas Fudge Brownie ice cream and conferred with Paul whether Marianne's could actually get away with selling a chocolate ice cream with marijuana-laced brownie chunks.  I"ve had it multiple times before and have never noticed any strange effects.  On the one hand, there is no warning on the menu and kids order that flavor so surely it can't have drugs in it, right?  On the other hand, Marianne's is in Santa Cruz after all. 

In the end, I continued eating the ice cream and cone, but I felt guilty about it.  Next time I may have to switch to Rocky Road or Butter Pecan.  Or stick to my New Year's Resolution about laying off the sweets.


  1. That's awesome. I just looked back at the blog post from when I came to visit you to try and determine what flavor of ice cream I got at Marianne's. It doesn't look like fudge brownie, so I guess I missed out on the marijuana. If you ever find out what is really in those brownies, I'd be interested to hear about it!

  2. Next time we go, I'm going to order an extra large of that ice cream and we can find out once and for all...haha.

  3. Okay, so you're probably not looking for a real answer, but in order to get high by ingesting pot you have to eat a lot of it, and that would probably make for some pretty expensive ice cream. I don't think they'd put token amounts in it just...because. This also isn't considering the federal laws prohibiting marijuana sales. I'm almost positive there is no pot in that ice cream. That is a really funny tribute, though. :)

  4. Oh Amy, your titles never cease to draw me in. This one was probably the most effective at that! I'm glad you didn't experience side effects, and I promise I won't tell people that Clara's mom always gets marijuana ice cream when she goes out. Cross my heart:)

  5. Amy! You are killin' me!! You are a crack up and I enjoy your posts. You're simply too much.... :)

    Take care,


  6. He he :) Luckily, you have two things going for you. I'm quite virginal when it comes to any drug, but from what I hear, MJ has a very strong taste that would be undeniably hash aftertaste. And #2 it reeks like no other. Like, even the best tasting sweets smell awful, awful, awful. SO! I think you are ok :) But this post is hi-larious, and it makes me miss you guys!

  7. LOL Oh gosh. That would freak me out. I would honestly call the store and just ask! But I am paranoid like that. In fact, if you don't call, I wouldn't mind calling and freaking out on your behalf you know!

  8. hahahaha - this is hilarious. I guarantee that if you have to ask the question, it most definitely was not laced :) You'd know!


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