Thursday, October 17, 2013

Disney Contest - BONUS DAY!!

It's the last day of this little contest AAANNNNNDDDDD..... IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!  :)  I'm not going to say how old I am but I'm just gonna put it out there that I was born in the 80's, okay people?  You can do the math and get a semi-accurate (but hopefully not too accurate) age for me, haha.

So, yesterday's pictures were the easiest of all the days because there were lots more correct answers than any other day.  Good job guys!  I actually thought the Union Jack on Tarzan's Treehouse might be a difficult one because I doubt whether I would have gotten that but it was nothing for most all of you!  The one that tripped up a couple of people was the photo of the blocks on the Peter Pan ride, which some people guessed was from a Toy Story ride.

Today is the LAST day of photos so instead of the normal three, I am declaring it a bonus day and using up most of my remaining pictures to give lots more chances at entries for one of the fabulous prizes.  You have SEVENTEEN (!) photos to guess today (many of them are easy ones) giving you a potential 34 additional entries.  You know, 17 pics because my birthday is on the 17th?  I am NOT, however, going to be 34.  Just to clarify.

I will post the winners and what prize they get tomorrow along with actual photos of us from Disneyland, so be looking forward to that post too!

Okay, same rules apply today, so here they are for those who didn't see the first post.  Pics below.

  1. I am going to post a picture of something- somewhere- within the Disneyland Resort (INCLUDES Cars Land as a possibility). If you guess where in the park you think it is, and at least get within the same general area (Fantasyland, Cars Land, etc.) then you get your name in the drawing once. If you can tell me EXACTLY which ride/store/attraction the object belongs to, you'll get your name in twice.
  2. You get 24 hours to guess. After that I'm going to post the answer so you can't guess any more- and I'll know by the date I receive your email.  So remember to check back every day for a new picture(s). I plan to do 2-3 pics a day until probably Thursday (my birthday, in case you didn't remember) then announce a winner on Friday.
  3. Do NOT post your guess in the comments on this blog. You are still free to comment, I don't want to ever EVER discourage comments, so still feel free to comment and talk to me- but don't post your guesses here because I don't want to ruin it for other readers. I want everyone to have a fair chance.
  4. Please EMAIL your guesses to me at amynash (no periods or spaces or anything funky) at gmail dot com.  Feel free to wish me an ACTUAL happy birthday along with your guess as it is now officially my birthday during birthday week!  :) 
Picture #1:

Answer:  Splash Mountain, Critter Country

Picture #2:

Answer:  Tower of Terror, Hollywood

Picture #3:

Answer:  Space Mountain, Tomorrowland (This was one of the most frequently missed photos from today!)

Picture #4:

Answer:  Dumbo Ride, Fantasyland (I think everybody got this one right)

Picture #5:

Answer:  Teacups, Fantasyland (see today's post for a larger pic of this one if you are curious)

Picture #6:

Answer:  Matterhorn, Fantasyland (the pic isn't great but it is right in front of the ride - probably 75% of the guesses for this were wrong because everybody thought it was from the Grizzly Rapids Ride or area in California Adventure)

Picture #7:

Answer:  It's a Small World, Fantasyland

Picture #8:

Answer:  Haunted Mansion, New Orleans Square

Picture #9:

Answer:  Teacups, Fantasyland - This one may be open to debate.  A little more than half of the guesses were for the Alice in Wonderland ride which is right beside the teacups.  I can't recall now whether the same light fixture is used on the Alice in Wonderland ride or not, but this one was definitely from the Teacups so that is what I gave credit for (you can tell by the lantern right behind it).  And ultimately, it wouldn't have changed any of the results.  If anybody goes to Disneyland soon, check out both rides and let me know for sure whether these are only on teacups or not because now I am interested. 

Picture #10:

Answer:  Candy Palace, Main Street (I don't have a big photo for this one)

Picture #11:

Answer:  Sarge's Surplus Store, Cars Land

Picture #12:

Answer:  It's a Small World, Fantasyland
Picture #13:

Answer:  Toy Story Midway Mania Ride, Paradise Pier

Picture #14:

Answer:  Peter Pan Ride, Fantasyland (I tricked a lot of you into thinking this was Pirates of the Caribbean!  So evil of me, I know.  Sorry.  A lot of people missed this but there were a handful who got it right.) 

Picture #15:

Answer:  Alice in Wonderland Ride, Fantasyland

Picture #16:

Answer:  Jungle Cruise, Adventureland

Picture #17:

Answer:  Pirates of the Caribbean, Adventureland

As always, may the odds be ever in your favor!

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