Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween 2013

This post is a month late but I figure I will just backdate it so it posts in order.  Probably nobody will see it but no big deal.  Halloween was a lot of fun.  The night before Paul and I carved pumpkins with Clara after getting her hair in rollers.  We took a little video of her because I thought that she might react badly to the pumpkin guts but she thought the "goop" was pretty neat and had no problem helping to clean out the inside of the pumpkins.
Downtown Willow Glen always does trick or treating on Halloween morning for the toddler/preschool crowd and there is an organization that gives away brand new donated books - really nice hardbound books too - instead of candy so this was our second year going.  Last year Clara got a beautifully illustrated copy of "The Owl and the Pussy Cat" and this year she got a book called "Toy Boat".  Liesel, Silas and Christine joined us.  Clara did great for the first half and then had a full on melt-down when I refused to let her eat a third sucker.  I ended up carrying a wailing Rosie the Riveter through the throngs back to our car and we drove home where she promptly crashed in her bed for a much needed nap.  While it lasted though, she did really well and got lots of compliments on her costume.
We took the traditional Halloween night picture in front of the fireplace just before going out trick-or-treating, then joined up with a group of friends from church. 
Unfortunately, Clara was feeling overwhelmed and only made through four of five houses before having another massive meltdown.  We bailed on our group and were just going to head home but decided to try a different street on our own so Clara could go up to doors by herself and that did the trick.  So we did one whole street and she got a decent haul before the late hour and the sugar and the dark started to get the better of her and I had to pick her up and carry her home.

She was pretty hesistant about walking up to the door where a giant Chewbacca cutout was waiting.  It took quite a bit of encouragement on our part and baby steps on her part but she did it.

When we got home she dumped out her loot and we let her choose one piece of candy before bathtime and a thorough brushing of her teeth. 

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  1. Clara looks so usual! I am sure she had a great time (even with the melt-downs.) These will be memories she will enjoy through the years.


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