Sunday, October 13, 2013

Disney Contest!! With Prizes!!

Alrighty friends, we just got back from a sort of impromptu trip to Disneyland thanks to the government shut-down of Yosemite National Park which we always go to this time of year.  Paul had the time off already and his parents were coming out so we figured we might as well do something fun and Disneyland is always a good idea, right?  And I tell you, Disneyland is a magical place.  And we want to share some of the magic.

I will post too many photos of us and Clara soon enough BUT a friend of mine went to Disneyland earlier this year and had the genius idea of doing a contest on her blog where she posted random/obscure photos from Disneyland OR California Adventure each day for like a week and then had a couple of prizes that she picked up at Disneyland to give away.  I had SO much fun participating (and okay, okay, I won for most number of correct guesses) so I decided that the next time we went I was going to try to remember to take lots of random photos too and do the same thing.  I asked her if she was okay with me copying her contest before we left and she said no problem so I took her at her word and am even copying and pasting most of her rules below because I'm too lazy to make them up on my own. 

So without further ado, here is how this is going to work:

  1. I am going to post a picture of something- somewhere- within the Disneyland Resort (INCLUDES Cars Land as a possibility). If you guess where in the park you think it is, and at least get within the same general area (Fantasyland, Cars Land, etc.) then you get your name in the drawing once. If you can tell me EXACTLY which ride/store/attraction the object belongs to, you'll get your name in twice.
  2. You get 24 hours to guess. After that I'm going to post the answer so you can't guess any more- and I'll know by the date I receive your email.  So remember to check back every day for a new picture(s). I plan to do 2-3 pics a day until probably Thursday (my birthday, in case you didn't remember) then announce a winner on Friday.
  3. Do NOT post your guess in the comments on this blog. You are still free to comment, I don't want to ever EVER discourage comments, so still feel free to comment and talk to me- but don't post your guesses here because I don't want to ruin it for other readers. I want everyone to have a fair chance.
  4. Please EMAIL your guesses to me at amynash (no periods or spaces or anything funky) at gmail dot com.  Feel free to wish me a happy birthday along with your guess as it is now officially BIRTHDAY WEEK after all!!!  :)
I have some that I am pretty positive will be practically IMPOSSIBLE to guess and some that I think most anybody who has been to Disneyland once or twice will be able to guess.  You can cheat if you really think it is THAT important, but that seems a little overly competitive, don't you think? 

Paul and I picked out 3 really awesome prizes (for reals, they are good prizes and we had fun picking them out) from some of the shops along Main Street at Disneyland.  Each time you guess correctly, we will put your name on a slip of paper and at the end of the contest all those little slips will go in Clara's Mickey ears and we will let her choose two winners.  Then there will also be a prize for the person with the most correct guesses overall.   

Okee Dokee, are you as excited as I am about this?  Probably not.  But hopefully you still play anyway!  Here are the first 3 mystery images:

Picture #1:
Answer:  Jolly Holiday Bakery and CafĂ©, Main Street

Picture #2:
Answer:  The Golden Horseshoe, Frontierland
 Picture #3:
Answer:  Haunted Mansion, New Orleans Square

May the odds be ever in your favor!

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