Saturday, October 5, 2013

X-ray, Gym Buddy, and hey! It's October!

This poor little neglected blog of ours.  Let's see, time for some updates, eh?

I had this really terrible cough for a couple of weeks that was so bad that I honestly believed I fractured a rib.  Seriously, I have been dealing with the weirdest, most persistent sharp pain in my upper rib cage that hasn't gone away in 2 solid weeks and I finally caved and went to the doctor about it feeling like such a dummy.  (In my defense, I totally googled rib fractures and they CAN happen just from coughing and my symptoms seemed right in line with everything I read.)  The doctor ordered an x-ray and everything.  It was my first ever, which was kind of awesome.  But nope, my ribs are just fine, which is good news for my bones (Yay for not having early osteoporosis!) but lame news for my ego and sore chestal region that is STILL bothering me.  Grrrr...  Any suggestions people?

A friend has started going to the gym with me and it was so fun having a buddy on the treadmill next to me three days this week.  Except I was all embarrassed about my labored breathing and inability to run thanks to the stupid non-fractured rib thing.  The first day we spent the hour talking about exercise and nutrition habits and then I went home and ate a Klondike bar.  (Insert face-palm.)  I'm totally planning to be better this next week though. 

Paul and I went to the mall and shopped for new phone cases this week during our babysitting swap with the neighbors since we each just got new phones (the iPhone 5s).  Paul got his through work.  Mine is a late mothers day/anniversary/early birthday present and I'm very happy about it.  It was a fun date and we went to a movie afterwards.  I love date night.

Paul is taking birthday month very seriously this year and I am feeling very special.  He played with my hair for like 30 minutes of conference today and even braided part of it for me just for kicks.  I seriously love that.  He is my favorite.

Clara's favorite book these days is "The Ugly Pumpkin" about (spoiler alert) a squash that doesn't know it is a squash and instead just thinks it is an ugly pumpkin.  It is hilarious and awesome and I totally recommend buying it and adding it to your Halloween collection.  Clara randomly repeats the line "Oh my gosh! I'm a squash!" throughout the day.

And finally, this whole government shut-down thing is so super lame.  There are way more important reasons to complain about it, but I'm seriously going to whine that it is fouling up our annual Yosemite trip which was supposedly happening this next week and which we have been looking forward to for months and months.  I'm pretty peeved.  Paul already has the time off work though so we feel like we ought to do something fun with those days (and his parents are already out here too so we might as well, right?).  The idea of Disneyland came up today and maybe, just maybe we'll do it...  Although we are all still sort of holding out hope that Congress will get its act together in the next three or four days so Yosemite can still happen. 


  1. What was it like to have an x-ray?

    Yay for having someone to workout with.

    Fun having new phones.

    Happy birthday month!

    The Ugly Pumpkin sounds awesome.

    Boo for not being able to visit Yosemite.

  2. Bummer about the (non-fractured) rib. Hope you are feeling better soon. And bummer about Yosemite too! Although I'm kind of in favor of the Disneyland idea, because then I might be able to convince you to make a little time for the Woods while you are in town.

  3. Hey I feel so honored making it onto your blog! Or maybe you're trying to guilt me into getting the gym membership, otherwise the whole blog community will know I'm a quitter j/k ;) I was going to ask about your rib today and totally forgot - yay for no fractured for not knowing how to fix it. I bought that Ugly Pumpkin book off amazon and few days ago, and the Jerry Seinfeld one too! I really like both of those. Thanks for the reccommendations.

  4. I'm gettng that book, hilarious! ARe you ready to sew with me? After Yosemite of course. :) How are the costumes coming along? All done? Can't wait to see them in person. Love,


  5. Sorry about your side... I bet you bruised a muscle. Those can take forever to heal since they're constantly in use. And yes I know someone who fractured a rib coughing so don't feel bad!!


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